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Use intuitive audit management software to perform powerfully and say goodbye to the paper chaos

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Customized audit management software for your strategic success

Gain insights for faster optimization

Gain insights for faster optimization

Get a comprehensive overview of what is happening on the ground. Analyze historical and real-time data and see at a glance which audits are completed, overdue, or which problems are still unresolved. This insight allows you to make informed decisions and continuously optimize processes based on trends and patterns.

Analyze all data in no time at all

Analyze all data in no time at all

Save time and keep track of what's happening at all times by receiving comprehensive analyses from the audit management software, from which you can draw complete conclusions to take quick action. Analyze all results by different filters to easily and quickly identify areas that need your attention. This procedure allows you to solve problems before they occur.

Get a real-time overview

Get a real-time overview

Get a real-time overview of all audits that are taking place on-site. Within the Lumiform dashboard, you can monitor negative responses, overdue inspections and the average score of the audits. Track the resolution of all reported incidents in real-time.

The audit management software you've been looking for

Now switch to digital audit management software so that you can solve work processes more quickly and efficiently. At the same time, you will save an enormous amount of time in everyday workflows by simplifying operations.

Create custom forms within minutes. Organise inspections to make sure the right person does all the checklists reliably.

Create forms

Conduct audits and inspections whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline.

Conduct via App

Make sure all issues are quickly reported and seamlessly documented. Keep track of the troubleshooting, and solve issues together as a team.

Solve Issues

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports – everything is fully automated. Uncover areas that need your attention through in-depth analyses.

Results, Reports and Analyses
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The Lumiform flow

Digitise all quality and safety efforts, and cut down inspection time, with the Lumiform app. And, even more importantly, continuously optimise your quality and safety operations easily, with the Lumiform flow.

Lumiform flow

Featured templates

HACCP Internal Audit

HACCP Internal Audit

Internal Audit for HACCP See template

Internal Audit ISO14001:2015

Internal Audit ISO14001:2015

Use this template to check whether your company complies with all the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and is ready for certification. See template

Internal Audit Report

Internal Audit Report

Records audit findings, non-conformances and improvements See template

Increase the efficiency of your work processes

A management audit app describes software used by audit teams to streamline audit processes and workflows across the organisation. Across a wide range of industries, critical or systematic defects need to be captured and documented. Traditionally, this is a tedious task that takes a lot of time. With Lumiform's easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement audit management software, you can simplify processes while maximising the data you need for continuous improvement.

Advantages of an auditing app

With an auditing app you and your team can simplify the audit workflow and also generate a high level of security and quality management.

Auditing app for security

The establishment of a safety culture from scratch can be established with the help of an empowerment tool such as an auditing app.When your employees can conduct security audits anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device, they gain transparency and actionable insights.

Auditing App for quality assurance

Demonstrating high-quality systems, processes and products can be easier for quality assurance and control personnel if audit reports are immediately generated, automatically approved and easily accessible from anywhere. From quality management system to food quality a href="" target="_blank">audits, they can easily customize checklists using our drag-and-drop templates.

Auditing app increases the capacity of the team

By standardizing processes with a centralized audit database, the workflow of your entire team becomes more efficient. When you identify areas for improvement, you can immediately take action to assign actions as preventive or precautionary measures. From assessing management effectiveness to evaluating workplace efficiency, you can continuously improve company-wide efforts. Using Lumiform Auditing App is the foundation for achieving operational efficiency.

Features of the Auditing App from Lumiform

Individual digital forms

The flexible Analysis Tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

Track inspections in facilities over time

Monitor your team’s inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operations.


Connect Lumiform’s Software to enterprise software systems.

Time-defined targets

Keep an eye on what’s happening and identify insights from the information gained to increase your efficiency.

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