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Identify risks earlier, through digital assessments

Improve your company’s safety by identifying hazards more quickly, solving issues more quickly and managing workflows more successfully.

Try for free Identify risks earlier, through digital assessments
Cut assessment time

Cut assessment time

  • Conduct assessments faster, and attach photos and detailed comments.
  • The system automatically creates assessment reports and results.
Q-Cells reduced their assessment time by 40%, with Lumiform.
Identify and solve risks four times quicker

Identify and solve risks four times quicker

  • Assign tasks on the spot whenever issues occur during the assessments.
  • Track issue resolution over time, and solve problems quickly, together with your teammates, via messaging.
Beumer Group identified workplace risks four times faster with Lumiform.
100% compliant

100% compliant

  • All your data is kept safe, and no information is lost.
  • All corrective actions are tracked, documented and attached to the report automatically.
All reports are 100% compliant with legal requirements.

Gain more transparency through digital assessments

Create assessments and individual reports, within minutes, or start immediately with ready to-use-templates. Conduct audits via the mobile app, assign issues on the fly, and solve them together faster, as a team. Analyse all data in a snap, in order to continuously improve procedures.

Create digital assessment forms that meet your company’s requirements and standards, within minutes.

Checklist Tablet

Conduct assessments efficiently with the Lumiform mobile app, be guided through the right corrective actions, add pictures and detailed comments on all assessment checks.

Conduct via App

As soon as problems occur, assign a troubleshooting action to the right person, keep track of the solution, and solve problems as quickly as possible, as a team.

Solve Issues

Lumiform automatically generates the assessment reports, including the calculated result, which can be viewed afterwards, and sent to stakeholders via email. Analyse all data and improve your procedures continuously.

Results, Reports and Analyses

See how Lumiform is helping teams with digital assessments

A tablet displays a Lumiform checklist and four large, pink hearts float out the side. - Kristina, Quality Manager

“Lumiform has helped us to reduce the time spent on assessments by about half. We have also rolled out the solution to other processes that were being done manually before.”

- Kristina, Quality Manager