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Your secret to time-saving audits

With Lumiform’s audit app, you cut the inspection time by half. Perform audits anytime and everywhere, get automatically created reports, and analyse with ease.

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Cut audit time by 50%

Cut audit time by 50%

  • Efficient, digital auditing, without an additional camera
  • Custom audit reports are automatically created, and can be sent directly to team members
Through Lumiform, Beumer Group was able to reduce the time required for an audit by 50%.
Uncover more issues and solve them faster

Uncover more issues and solve them faster

  • Assign corrective actions to teammates on the fly
  • Set a deadline and track the progress
Nordsee managed to cut the time spent on troubleshooting by 60%.
Analyse faster and more accurately

Analyse faster and more accurately

  • Get all audit results and trends at a glance
  • Monitor failed audits and troubleshooting over time
  • Uncover weak areas that require attention
MyGoodness has eight times fewer critical and moderate problems than they did a year ago, thanks to our audit platform.

Save time on every audit, while troubleshooting with ease

Intuitive forms guide you through the audit while reports are automatically created. Create a clear path of action when issues occur.

Lumiform allows you to create audits in just a few minutes, entirely according to your individual needs, with our flexible form and report builder.

Learn how to create audit forms
Checklist Tablet

Perform your audits anywhere, anytime via the app –online or offline. Add photos and comments automatically, while auditing.

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Conduct via App

Let teammates or third parties know if audit checks uncovered issues, and assign corrective action to any stakeholder immediately. Track the troubleshooting process while the system documents everything automatically.

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Solve Issues

Lumiform automatically creates in-depth analyses. View all reports, including images, comments and checks, and share your audit report immediately via e-mail.

Explore audit reports
Automatic and customisable audit reports

Lumiform presents the standardised data in such a way that you can quickly identify areas that need your special attention.

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Smart analyses

Work more efficiently with Lumiform’s digital audits

- Kristina, Quality Manager

“In the past, we needed about 6 hours for an audit including post-processing, today we need 3 hours for the same result. And, we can assign, schedule and trace the troubleshooting process!”

- Kristina, Quality Manager

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Joram S

Great usage for all mobile operations

Great and intuitive App with which we decreased our documentation efforts and achieved operational excellence through standardized inspections.
Daniela P

Many ready-made templates

Still excited about the extensive checklist library with a lot of ready-made checklists, so we started right away with improving our inspection operations.
Axel K

As easy as it should be!

Lumiform is so intuitive and easy to use. But the best is that it is very flexible. Also the communication with the staff is very good and the team supports you whenever needed.
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