With Lumiform’s audit app, you cut the audit time by half. Conduct audits anytime and everywhere, share reports with all stakeholders immediately and analyse the overall performance.

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Site safety audit
Food safety & HACCP audit
5S audit
ISO 22000 audit checklist
ISO 14001:2015 audit checklist
Waste management compliance audit

“In the past, we needed about 6 hours for an audit including post-processing, today we need 3 hours for the same result. And, we can assign, schedule and trace the troubleshooting process!”

- Kristina, Quality Manager
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Lumiform enables you to create customised forms for all your quality and safety inspections. Perform all checks via the app. It’s simple, safe and reliable.

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Light vehicle safety inspection
Food premises self inspection checklist
OSHA self inspection checklist
Food safety and hygiene inspection
General workplace inspection
HACCP template

“Lumiform has helped us to eliminate accidents on the construction site almost entirely, and we have managed to increase the quality of work at the same time, through frequent safety checks.“

- Axel, CEO
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Lumiform is your all-in-one solution for all digital lists. Create individual forms within minutes, schedule and assign, conduct inspections via mobile app, solve issues quickly and analyse the whole process.

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Safety walk checklist
Safety observation checklist
Construction site cleaning checklist
ISO 9001:2008 system audit checklist
Food premises self inspection checklist
Warehouse safety checklist

„Lumiform’s digital checklists helped us to get full transparency regarding what is happening in the field, and to check whether inspectors are completing their checklists in time.“

- Sebastian, Safety and Environment Manager
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With the Lumiform app, you can quickly digitise all assessments, and conduct them efficiently in the field. The system creates your assessment reports automatically, and you can send them on to all stakeholders immediately. Find even more inspiration in our template library.

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General risk assessment
Area safety and health assessment
High risk machine safety assessment
Hazard risk identification assessment
Office risk assessment
Risk assessment template

“Lumiform has helped us to reduce the time spent on assessments by about half. We have also rolled out the solution to other processes that were being done manually before.”

- Kristina, Quality Manager
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Lumiform is the all-in-one solution that gives you reliable, digital documentation, via the app. We store your documents in a safe place, and you gain full transparency regarding all events in the field.

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Temperature logs documentation
Visitor documentation
Restaurant cleaning documentation
Food incoming goods inspection
Vehicle inspection documentation
Training documentation

“The digital documentation with Lumiform has helped us to meet a company-wide standard and store documents securely.“

- Christopher, Project Lead
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Issue management

The Lumiform issue management helps you to uncover more issues and to solve them faster, collaborating as a team. All issues are seamlessly documented, and either attached to reports or recorded separately.

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