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Legally compliant documentation has never been easier and faster than with Lumiform.

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Cut audit time by 20%

  • Automate the documentation of issues and corrective actions, while conducting checks more quickly.
  • Digital documentation keeps data consistent across the entire company, saving time and money.
Pizza Hut cut the time required for HACCP documentation by 20%.

Increased security and compliance

  • We document checklist results and troubleshooting procedures reliably and automatically.
  • Secure data without any danger of physical damage in the cloud.
At MyGoodness, hygiene controls take 50% less time for the HACCP control, per store than before.

More transparency

  • Digital documentation allows a constant overview of results, and full control over all documentation tasks.
  • Digital documentations can be evaluated quickly with real-time results.
With Lumiform, Pizza Hut has increased its problem-solving rate three-fold.

Provide compliant documentation automatically

Digitise documentation in all areas of your business, conduct checks via the app and get fully automated, fully compliant reports.

Create custom forms for digital documentation in minutes. A variety of standardised templates help you to find the standard that’s right for you.

Execute standardised documentation quickly and easily via the app - whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android, or iOS, online or offline.

Assign issues on the fly, to the right person, so that you can resolve incidents efficiently together, as a team. The troubleshooting is automatically documented.

All documents are digitally archived, and they can be retrieved at any time, from anywhere. Filter functions allow a quick search for the right document.

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“Lumiform has helped us to eliminate accidents on the construction site, and we have managed to increase the quality of work at the same time, through frequent safety and quality controls.“

- Christina, Head of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management

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