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Digital inspections: easy to handle, for everyone

The Lumform app is so easy to handle that anyone can perform standardized, effective inspections in the field - really anyone!

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Make sure all tasks are done reliably, and in time

Make sure all tasks are done reliably, and in time

  • Organise all inspections by scheduling, assigning and tracking all inspections
  • Raise all issues immediately, assign corrective actions and track the progress of troubleshooting
Pizza Hut increased the rate of reported issues by 50% in the first year.
Improve quality and safety

Improve quality and safety

  • Uncover more quality and safety issues, through standardised inspections and raising of issues
  • Get an overview of raised issues and manage corrective actions remotely, with ease
With Lumiform, Kitchentown has increased its problem-solving rate three-fold.
Save time and money

Save time and money

  • More inspections uncover more issues, which can be solved more quickly with Lumiform
  • Analyse inspections and identify areas with poor quality and safety performance in a snap
With Lumiform, Benfleet managed to solve issues 60% faster.

Create transparency with digital inspections

Customize inspections and workflows to fit your company’s quality and safety standards — so everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time.

Create inspections within minutes, according to your individual needs, and ensure transparency through comprehensive form standards.

Learn how to create forms
Checklist Tablet

Pre-define all inspection workflows. Assign and schedule inspections, in order to make sure the right person does them reliably.

Read how to organise inspections
Organise inspections

Conduct inspections anytime, anywhere, via the inspection app – online and offline. Add photos and comments easily, during the inspection.

See how to conduct inspections via App
Conduct via app

Raise issues on-the-fly, as soon as they occur during an inspection. Assign actions immediately, in order to solve any issues as quickly as possible. Track troubleshooting in real-time.

See how to solve issues quickly in a team
Solve Issues

The system creates inspection reports automatically, so you don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation. Uncover areas of your business that need your attention.

Read more about results, reports and analysis
Results, Reports and Analyses

Improve your inspection workflows like industry leaders

- Frank, CEO

“Lumiform has helped us to eliminate accidents on the construction site almost entirely, and we have managed to increase the quality of work at the same time, through frequent safety checks.“

- Frank, CEO

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Joram S

Great usage for all mobile operations

Great and intuitive App with which we decreased our documentation efforts and achieved operational excellence through standardized inspections.
Daniela P

Many ready-made templates

Still excited about the extensive checklist library with a lot of ready-made checklists, so we started right away with improving our inspection operations.
Axel K

As easy as it should be!

Lumiform is so intuitive and easy to use. But the best is that it is very flexible. Also the communication with the staff is very good and the team supports you whenever needed.
RittersportClayton HomesArcelorMittalBen Fleet ServicesMileiMyssageSausalitos