Improve quality and safety in manufacturing plants

Check regularly whether quality and safety standards are met during the manufacturing process and act quickly as soon as errors occur.

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Lumiform is the best way for manufacturers to…

Improve quality

Conduct standardised inspections in time and solve issues quickly. which means less expensive machine downtimes and better output.

Reduce risk in the workplace

Get real-time insights into manufacturing plants, which results in decreased incidents and safety compliance.

Cut inspection time by 30%

Not only does each individual inspection take less time, but the automated issue management and fast analysis save time as well.

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Increase quality and safety in manufacturing plants

Easily perform regular safety and quality checks and report issues immediately while getting standardized data from the field.

Create forms for inspections and audits within minutes. Organise checks to ensure that it is done reliably in the field.

Conduct inspections and audits, whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline.

Make sure all issues can be easily reported as soon as they occur and troubleshooting is ensured by the whole team.

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports – everything is fully automated. Uncover areas that need attention in your manufacturing plant.

Digitise all the paperwork in manufacturing plants

5S Audits

Work safety audits

Commission inspections

Gemma walk

Service reports

Repair checklists

Risk assessment

Fire door inspection

Maintenance reports

Safety walks

Forklift Truck Operator Safety Evaluation

Warehouse inspection

Defect forms

Fault analysis

Facility review

Safety observation tours

View all manufacturing use cases

Browse best practices manufacturing forms

Browse the Lumiform template library for tons of resources to walk you through best practices in the manufacturing industry.

M5S audit

Facility review

High risk machine safety checklist

Safety assessment of forklift driver

General risk assessment

Gemba walk checklist

Explore how leaders in the Manufacturing industry use Lumiform

“In the past, we used paper, pen and camera for our audit reports. Now we can use Lumiform and we get everything we need in one tool.“

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