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Easily automate routine workflows with these 4 new Lumiform features

Learn how you can use Lumiform to automate workflows, improve management tasks, and make frontline work

We recently introduced 4 easy-to-implement features that will help you use Lumiform to automate, standardize, and save time on day-to-day responsibilities. And they’re all free; meaning that everyone with a Lumiform account benefits from these advanced management capabilities.

With Entities, Save Drafts, a “Hide form” logic, and a streamlined Assignments dashboard, you can coordinate workflows seamlessly.

Manage and categorize assets effortlessly with Entities

The Entities feature in the Lumiform dashboard is designed to give you more control over your various assets. Create entity types for everything your businesses, from material assets like vehicles and equipment to non-material assets like jobsites and teams. Then, assign individual entities to an entity type.

Sorting business assets into distinct categories allows you to assign inspections and other checklists to those categories and further individualize asset monitoring. Not only can you make sure different entities are managed properly, but assigning entity categories to your employees clarifies their responsibilities and automates workflow management.

You can also use entities to reinforce a business hierarchy with entity folders. An entity folder is a collection of different entities and entity categories. By controlling who has access to these folders, you’re able to easily establish a business structure. Entity folders also make it easy to assign tasks in bulk.

Schedule workflows flexibly with Save Drafts

We’re happy to let you know you can now save forms as drafts on desktop just like you can with the mobile app. That means you have more flexibility assigning tasks, since your workers won’t have to finish inspections all at once. Most frontline workers work in shifts, which is why being able to pick up an inspection where someone else left off is invaluable.

Expanding the save drafts feature brings the convenience of mobile app inspections to your desktop. Now that both platforms support flexible inspection scheduling, you can perform and manage tasks your own way.

Automate inspection workflows with “Hide form” logics

The new “Hide form” logic in the checklist creator is another tool for automating workflows. Adding a “Hide form” logic to a form field programs a form to complete itself if a certain answer is given. When an inspector selects a response that has “hide form” attached to it, the rest of the checklist will be hidden automatically. Then, all that’s left to do is submit.

Including these logics adds consistency to workflows. It ensures that when a checklist doesn’t need to be completed past a certain point, it never will be. It gives you more control over processes and process outcomes, and saves time on unnecessary work.

Improve task overviews with the Your Assignments view

Streamline the way the Lumiform dashboard appears to your team members with a new Your Assignments view. This option only shows users the tasks they’ve been assigned, so all the information they need is front and center.

Having tasks, task descriptions, and priorities immediately apparent helps team members organize their day and manage their time efficiently. It also improves team management by simplifying communication. Workers know what, where, and by when tasks need to be completed with no back-and-forth or delay between steps.

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