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New era in frontline workflow automation

Over the last few years, Lumiform has grown immensely in the world of inspection apps, establishing itself as the gold standard in its field. While we have always been passionate about inspections, we are now shifting our focus to an even broader horizon, encompassing an array of vital use cases beyond inspections. Workflow automation platform for frontline workers is our new category which we position ourselves into, focusing in empowering frontline workers and managers alike.

Lumiform stands out by offering comprehensive solutions that automate the entire spectrum of daily operations. Unlike other companies that merely digitize inspections and checklists

Lumiform is now placing frontline workflow automation at the forefront of our platform. We understand the importance of streamlining everyday operations for managers and frontline teams, which is why we have taken a unique approach to automation. Our platform seamlessly integrates automated processes into the daily workflow, making tasks more efficient and convenient for frontline workers.

The new motto is clear: “No digitization. Others digitize. We automate.” says Co-founder & Managing Director of Lumiform, Lukas Blasberg.

Lumiform’s new category

In the quest to stand out and revolutionize the landscape of business solutions, Lumiform is introducing a new category called frontline workflow automation.

This innovative approach goes beyond the confines of traditional inspection apps and positions Lumiform as a versatile and potent tool for streamlining workflows and boosting productivity across a multitude of industries.

Empowering frontline workers

At the heart of Lumiform’s new mission is a profound emphasis on frontline workers – the backbone of a variety of industries. Frontline workers are individuals who are actively engaged in critical tasks, whether it’s in manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, food manufacturing, or construction. They are the ones who ensure that daily operations run smoothly, and their roles are pivotal to the success of organizations.

Who are the frontline workers? Frontline workers encompass a diverse group of professionals, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing personnel: Those who operate machinery, oversee production lines, and ensure the quality of goods.
  • Hospitality staff: This category includes hotel and restaurant staff who directly interact with guests and deliver services.
  • Real estate agents: Frontline workers in real estate handle property showings, negotiations, and client interactions.
  • Food manufacturing teams: Individuals responsible for food production, quality control, and adherence to safety standards.
  • Construction crews: Workers on construction sites, responsible for building, safety, and project completion.

Enhancing automation in our key industries

Lumiform is more than just innovative. It is empowering. The company is leading a shift in how organizations manage their frontline operations and that is the solid reason we now establish our position as a workflow automation platform. The vision is simple. Lumiform prioritizes frontline workflow automation, setting itself apart from other companies that focus solely on digitization for process improvement.

This transformative approach aims to enhance automation specifically in Lumiform’s strongest industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, food manufacturing, and construction.

By aligning our goals with the unique needs of these industries, Lumiform is dedicated to revolutionizing the way organizations operate on the frontlines. We understand that the key to success lies in providing exceptional service to our clients, and our platform is designed to streamline workflow processes and enhance productivity in these key sectors.

Join us today and revolutionize your frontline operations with Lumiform’s cutting-edge workflow automation platform. Sign up now to unlock a new era of efficiency and productivity for your organization.

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