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Lumiform feature rollout

Introducing a few new functions to make your Lumiform experience better

Making the Lumiform app and software more intuitive and useful to you has always been our goal. That’s why we’re introducing three new features that improve app functionality. Now you can do even more from your smartphone or tablet.

Table of contents

1. Reminder notifications

2. Single sign-on

3. Power BI integration

Reminder notifications

Reminder notifications have been added to the app, so you’ll never miss another inspection deadline.

The types of notification you can send are:

  • Form availability notifications, which inform assignees that a template is available for use
  • Scheduled form reminders, which remind assignees that their completed template is due at preset intervals
  • Overdue notifications, which are sent to assignees specified as supervisors
  • Action assigned notifications, which are sent to users when they are assigned actions
  • Action due soon reminders, which indicate that a due date is coming closer
  • You can customize notifications whichever way you think is best, and send notifications via:

    • Push notification: You’ll receive push notifications through the Lumiform app on your smartphone, as long as you’re logged in.
    • Email: Email notifications are sent to the address you’ve specified, which can be different from the email address of your user account.<l/li>

The single sign-on page for the Lumiform app

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) allows everyone in your organization to sign in using your business’ credentials. By issuing everyone their own Lumiform login, you enable them to fill out forms, complete inspections, and you can manage their permissions.

In order to enable SSO, you only need to contact our support team, who will activate it in your account. Using SSO in your business means:

  • A better user experience: With a simpler login process, SSO reduces the likelihood that you’ll forget a password or need to reset your login details.
  • Improved security: Since authentication is centralized, phishing and other attacks are less likely. SSO also encourages you to set strong, complex passwords.
  • Smoother IT management: SSO makes it easier for you to see and manage user activity, and audit said activity.

The Power BI Integrations page in the Lumiform dashboard

Powerful integrations

Lumiform now supports integrations, so that you can empower your organization with advanced data visualization, and make your business even stronger. For now, the feature is only available on request and only to Enterprise plans; you need to contact our support team to request integrations. Administrators (the only ones with access to these new integrations) can access the integrations marketplace by clicking on the puzzle icon in the Lumiform dashboard.

The first integration we are introducing is Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI vastly improves your data analysis by using all your sources of data and creating intuitive visualizations so that you can see what is going on in your business. Power BI brings:

  • Better data visualization: Create multiple types of graphics – charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports – to help you analyze and communicate data collected by Lumiform.
  • Real time updates: Any updates will go directly to your dashboards and reports, so you can stay aware of changes as they happen.
  • Collaboration between team members: Real-time updates that everyone can see facilitate knowledge sharing and allow teams to work together effectively.

Power BI works best the more data you have for it to analyze; when you enable the integration with Lumiform, said data will be refreshed once per day. You can use the integration to track and analyze countless aspects of your Lumiform use, from forms submitted to inspections passed to scores achieved on your forms.

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