Accident Report

Use a template for the accident investigation format to determine the cause of the accident to prevent a recurrence.

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Accident Incident Report Form

Use this template to write a complete accident report.

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Injury, Accident, Incident Report

Use this template to record details of an incident in the workplace.

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Vehicle Accident Report

Use this vehicle accident report to summarise a vehicle accident.

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What is an Accident Report Checklist?

An Accident Investigation Form is used in case of any kind of accident, but especially in car accidents. Investigators or police officers can use a checklist to document the details of accidents in a clearly structured manner.

Supervisors can use these checklists for accidents at the workplace too. That way they confirm with legal requirements, calculate the cost of damages and also think of preventive measures.

This article dicusses the following:

1. Importance of Accident Reports

2. What Should Be Included in an Accident Investigation Form?

3. The Benefits of a Digital Accident Investigation Report

Importance of Accident Reports

Besides the fact that you are legally required to report all accidents that caused any immense harm or damage or even lead to death, documenting details about an accident and its occurrence in general can help you a lot.

First of all, you have an overview of all the accidents that happened at your workplace/city/streets/household/those insured by your insurance company.

You can also discover hazards that you may haven’t identified in your risk assessments yet.

Furthermore, these reports help you to establish preventive measures. That way, the people won’t get harmed by the same cause again in the future.

What Should Be Included in an Accident Investigation Form?

When creating an accident investigation form, note that the following should definitely be included:

  • Details of the injured and involved person/people (name, birth date, ID,…)

  • Date and time of the accidenty

  • Witnesses (contact details and statement)

  • Cause of the accident (What lead to the accident?

  • The treatment that was given

  • Further details

  • Suggestions for preventive measures

The Benefits of a Digital Accident Investigation Report

A digital checklist is a modern way to improve your accident investigation reporting. It gives you a lot of opportunities and helps you with conducting your reports.

  • No more paperwork! Take all your documents with you in your pocket, anytime anywhere. They are all in your mobile device. You won’t loose any pages, won’t have problems keeping them in the correct order and furthermore you’re helping the environment by saving paper and therefore saving trees!

  • Save time! With digital checklists, there are a lot of tasks you don’t need to do anymore. For instance: no more manual follow-up work, no more waiting for the printer and better/faster communication with your teammates and supervisors.

  • No more problems reading the handwriting! You can just type your notes in your mobile device using an easy-to-read font.

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