Calibration Protocol

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Equipment Calibration Log

This equipment calibration log is used to document multiple equipment to be calibrated.

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Thermometer Calibration Log

A thermometer calibration log is specifically made for temperature instruments.

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What is a thermometer calibration log?

A calibration protocol serves to maintain the accuracy of measuring instruments. It helps to ensure the optimal functionality of equipment to avoid damage to the company.

A checklist for the calibration protocol with template helps you to adhere to standards exactly in order not to endanger your company and to create optimal working conditions for your employees.

1. 3 helpful tips on how to comply with thermometer calibration log standards

2. The mobile inspection application from Lumiform

3 helpful tips on how to comply with thermometer calibration log standards

A calibration standard follows strict guidelines that ensure the functionality and quality of the equipment.

  • Regular maintenance - By carrying out regular calibration checks, you keep an overview and control of the equipment in your company. In this way, unnecessary risks and damage are minimized.

  • Immediate problem reporting - A decisive step is the reporting of results that deviate from the standard. If measuring instruments show errors, it is important to report the deviations immediately and to process them.

  • Documentation
    - The calibration protocol should be recorded without fail in order to prove the suitability for ISO 9001:2015 certification, for example.

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