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Covid-19 | Car Rental Reopening Checklist

Use checklists to prevent the risk of coronavirus spreading after the car rental company reopens.

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Reopening Car Rental with Checklists in Corona Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic is affecting economies around the world as businesses face temporary lockdowns. As people stay home, fewer rental cars are needed. During periods of easing, travel within countries and across borders is also possible again. This is good news for car rental companies, who can look forward to a revival of their business. However, as with all industries, hygiene and safety measures must be implemented to protect employees and customers from corona infection.

Checklists can help with the reopening of the car rental company by working through all preparatory measures step by step. This way, no measure is forgotten and problems during implementation are identified immediately. But checklists do not only help during the reopening. During ongoing operations during the Corona pandemic, audit checklists can be used to regularly monitor compliance with hygiene and safety measures.

This article addresses the following topics:

1. The key areas for car rental companies to consider when reopening

2. A digital tool for reopening a car rental

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The key areas for car rental companies to consider when reopening

According to WHO's assessment, there are four degrees of risk exposure for workers depending on their job duties: 1) very high, 2) high, 3) medium, and 4) lower risk. Employees of car rental agencies are at medium risk of exposure because their work involves frequent contact with travellers returning from different locations with different rates of Covid-19.

In preparation for the reopening of the car rental business, a new risk assessment should be conducted in the workplace and then control mechanisms developed to minimize infection risk.

The following are health and safety strategies for the three key areas of a car rental business that will be helpful in reopening and subsequent Corona operations:

1. Workplace

Published regulatory guidelines should be enforced to reduce employee exposure risk to COVID-19 An important part of reopening car rental agencies is intensifying cleaning processes and protective measures in the workplace. If the workplace has been completely unoccupied for several days, normal routine cleaning will be sufficient to reopen the area for use; otherwise, intensified cleaning is recommended.

Each workstation should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of work or at shift change. By having a cleaning plan, employers make it easier to implement the measure and ensure that it is met. Such a plan can be structured as a checklist, so all cleaning and disinfection tasks are clearly listed and nothing is forgotten. In addition, problem areas can be immediately identified and reported.

Before reopening, car rental companies should prepare all workstations and develop a plan to control and monitor hazards caused by coronaviruses. It is also recommended to limit physical contact with customers. An online system for inquiries, reservations, bookings and customer conversations is a proven alternative.

To minimize virus transmission in branches, car rental companies also provide necessary hygiene items for their employees and customers. In general, the following additional protective measures have also been implemented as recommended by WHO:

  1. Limited number of employees and customers in the branches
  2. Plexiglass protective screens between customers and employees
  3. Social distancing signs and markings
  4. Increased cleaning frequency in the service area
  5. Wearing mouth guards during customer-employee interactions in the store, in the area outside the store, and in the parking lot

2. Employees

For business owners, the health and safety of their employees are paramount when planning to reopen their business. Car rental companies should enforce and promote strict adherence to healthy hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing and the use of proper cough etiquette.

The social distance between employees with a distance of at least two meters should be maintained and enforced; if this is not possible, face masks should be worn to protect others in case the employee is infected. In addition, it is recommended that the same employees always work together on a shift to keep the risk of exposure low - the same applies to break schedules. If there are tasks that can be done in the home office, they should be done there.

Monitoring employee temperature and recording travel history and other health concerns can be taken as an additional measure to minimize the risk of infection. In addition, all employees should be educated in a timely manner about the new hygiene standards and rules of conduct. Even if there are innovations, they should always be communicated to the entire team.

3. Vehicle Park

Your fleet is the most important asset of car rental companies. However, this is also the place where the highest risk of exposure to the virus is burned, as the vehicles pass through many hands. Therefore, before reopening should be implemented hygiene and safety measures, which will last until the further.

Generally, all outgoing vehicles are always already checked for cleanliness and roadworthiness. Due to the virus, the cleaning intensity and frequency must be increased. After each vehicle return, the vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The vehicle interior poses the highest risk of infection because it is a confined space with frequently touched surfaces. The following vehicle areas have the highest contact density the most dirt and bacteria. They must be cleaned and disinfected regularly and especially intensively:

  • the steering wheel
  • the seat belts
  • the door handles inside (and outside)
  • the gearshift
  • the window controls
  • the control panel for windshield wipers, turn signals and air conditioning
  • the cup holder
  • the audio system

Back to the shop safely with digital checklists

The competent authorities have established guidelines which must be observed as precautionary measures when resuming operations and reopening businesses, to ensure the safety of the general public. With Lumiform's mobile app, car rental companies can implement and streamline not only their reopening inspections but also subsequent safety inspections.

Lumiform's app and desktop software enable car rental companies to create social distance, cleaning and other workplace hygiene and safety plans and help their employees implement them. The mobile app offers the advantage that all quality and safety inspections can be easily performed on-site using a tablet or smartphone - online or offline.

With Lumiform, car rental companies benefit from the following advantages:

  • With the flexible forms toolkit checklists can be created for all hygiene and safety measures. These can be adapted again and again to the current situation.

  • The digital platform enables frictionless cooperation in the team.
  • Keep track of everything that happens on the ground.
  • Real-time data about the implementation of the measures. This makes security measurable, and processes can be continuously optimized based on data.
  • Automatically generated reports can be submitted immediately to the responsible authorities.

To facilitate the reopening of car rental services and operations during the corona pandemic, we have compiled templates that are helpful for reopening car rental services and ensuring that the precautionary guidelines set by health organizations are followed.

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