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Covid-19 | Hotel Reopening Checklist

Use our hotel reopening checklist to ensure a safe reopening of your hotel.

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Why is a checklist for the hotel reopening important?

More and more hotels in Germany and worldwide are planning to resume operations during the global corona pandemic. The safety and health of employees and guests is a priority.

A checklist for the hotel reopening after corona-related closure helps to re-establish all operational areas for guests and employees and to adjust to the new conditions. This minimizes the risk of virus infection among those present and prevents renewed waves of infection. With the help of one or more checklists for reopening, hoteliers can make it easier for themselves to comply with their duty of care in the corona pandemic.

This article informs about:

1. The correct checklists for reopening

2. The basics of a checklist for the hotel reopening

3. A digital solution for the reopening of hotels

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Have the correct checklists for reopening at hand

An important first step for every hotelier is to find out about the regional guidelines for reopening. There are different guidelines depending on the region and type of business. Once all the information is gathered, the hotel can start planning the reopening. Prevention checklists will help your company, your employees and your guests to comply with all hygiene and protection measures.

Since Covid-19 will remain in business for several months, it is important to have not only a checklist for the reopening of the hotel in your repertoire but also for certain further measures that have to be implemented over a longer period. These include, for example, a cleaning checklist for housekeeping, a checklist for instructing staff or even a checklist for informing arriving guests about the Covid-19 measures.

It is also helpful to display all information and advice from the local health authorities visible to all guests and staff in all guest rooms and public areas. In this way, they are constantly reminded of the steps to be taken during a Corona pandemic and which measures are important.

The basics of a re-opening checklist for hotels

A checklist for the reopening of hotels is used by hoteliers to ensure that hygiene and safety measures have been implemented in all areas before resuming operations. The checklist makes it easier to identify areas that need improvement, thus reducing the health and safety risks associated with reopening.

The following inspection areas should be covered by a checklist for the reopening of hotels:

  • Human Resources
  • Reception and concierge
  • Technical and maintenance services
  • Gastronomy
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Conference Services
  • Leisure facilities
  • Information management

How to proceed in case of suspicion or infection with COVID-19 should be listed in a separate checklist. Hoteliers during the Corona pandemic are also obliged to keep themselves continuously informed about the current situation. For example, changes or improvements to the guidelines for reopening can be made at short notice.

Covid-19 with a digital solution to better counteract this problem

Many hotels still do their inspections with pen and paper. This procedure has many disadvantages: Information is lost, reports are delayed, and areas for improvement are difficult to identify.

With Lumiform's mobile app, any quality and safety inspection can be easily performed via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. The desktop software is used to create checklists for hotel reopenings. Afterwards, the collected data can be evaluated. This significantly reduces the risk of infections, loss of quality, work accidents, documentation errors and damage to reputation.

Lumiform makes it easier to meet the ever-increasing legal requirements for process documentation by guiding the system through all documentation processes. This reduces the scope for errors. Clean, transparent documentation helps you avoid high fines.

The digital solution offers hoteliers and their employees the following additional advantages for the reopening of hotels after Corona:

  • The flexible form construction kit allows you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist within minutes.
  • Start quickly and safely digital through with over 12.000 premade templates.
  • Generate real-time data via internal processes. This makes quality and security measurable and allows processes to be continuously optimized based on data.
  • Get an overview of everything that is happening on site.
  • Reports are created automatically - this saves the complete postprocessing.
  • Increases the efficiency of internal processes: Through more efficient communication within the team and with management, as well as faster reporting of incidents, they are solved up to 4 times faster than before.
  • The very simple operation offers no room for error on site. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.

To make it easier for hoteliers and their employees to reopen from the hotel to Corona, we have compiled checklist templates that you can download for free and use with the Lumiform App. It's a breeze to adapt them to necessary measures in your hotel business.

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