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Covid-19 | Reopening Business Services

Use checklists to implement hygiene and protection measures in business services during the Corona pandemic.

Covid-19 | Guidelines for the Reopening of Businesses

Use this checklist to prepare for the re-opening of your business through measures for customers and employees.

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COVID-19 Checklist: Social Distancing at Workplace

Use this template to plan and implement social distancing in the workplace.

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COVID-19 | Business Resumption Plan Template

Use this business resumption plan template to create a plan for starting your business after the Corona pandemic.

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Corona Checklist - Workplace Cleaning

This checklist helps you to implement health and hygiene measures in your workplace and to check your facilities.

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Temperaturmessung Mitarbeiter Corona-Checkliste

Verwende diese Corona-Checkliste für die Temperaturmessung von Mitarbeiter*innen, wenn sie das Gebäude betreten.

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Using Lumiform for Hygiene Compliance

Business service providers have had to adapt to new occupational health and safety regulations since the Corona pandemic. The main issue is to introduce hygiene and safety regulations aimed at protecting the health and safety of employees and customers. At the same time, the efficiency and reliability of the work should be maintained.

Digital checklists facilitate the implementation and monitoring of measures. Lumiform's mobile app offers the advantage that all quality and safety inspections, can be carried out easily via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. All data is immediately available to the entire health and safety team. Problems can be identified and fixed immediately.

Lumiform offers business service providers the following benefits:

  • The flexible form builder can be used to create customizable checklists on all hygiene and safety measures.
  • The digital platform enables collaboration with other stakeholders to develop the best strategy.
  • Get real-time data on the implementation of measures. This makes security measurable and processes can be continuously optimized based on data.
  • Keep track of everything that happens on site.
  • Share automatically generated reports with responsible parties and save the complete time for post-processing.

We have compiled some checklists that can be used to implement and monitor hygiene and safety measures. All templates can be customized to meet in-house specifications and regional guidelines from state agencies.

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