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How A Covid Sign In Sheet Protects Your Business

Robyn Neath
by Robyn Neath | August 03, 2022 | Reading time: 5 minutes

Protect yourself and your team using a complete COVID Sign-In Sheet that properly tracks your employees’ exposure to the virus, keeping your company at a peak state even if the staff is still recovering.

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What Is a COVID Sign-in Sheet?

When the global pandemic hit, employers and employees scrambled to figure out how to keep everyone safe. This is when the COVID Sign-In sheet was introduced as documentation used to record employees’ exposure to the COVID 19 virus and decrease its spread.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), by providing information about COVID-19 vaccinations and establishing core support through efforts like logging COVID sheets, employers can help increase the uptake of the vaccine and decrease the spread of the virus, protecting not only their employees but also society as a whole.

The main goal of the COVID sign-in sheet is to obtain as much necessary information as possible related to coronavirus, including symptoms, travel history, medications, and vaccine history. It is also the aim of these forms to determine which of the employees must be isolated or can already go back to work.

A COVID sign-in form generally contains the name of the employee entering the workplace, the time of entry, and several other pertinent details. This document must be completed before any person enters the company premises so as to keep records about their health status before they enter restricted areas.

Now that it’s been a few years into the health crisis, companies have been able to refine their safety systems. However, these COVID sign-in sheets, while seemingly rather rudimentary, remain crucial because they provide important information regarding safety and security measures to avoid repeating past costly mistakes during the pandemic.

In this article, you will learn:

1. Why you should use COVID sign-in sheets

2. The variables that must be included and verified in COVID-19 log sheets

3. What to do if an employee displayed or declared COVID symptoms

4. How a software can help you create efficient COVID sign-in sheets for business

Employees filling in COVID sign-in sheets

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What Are the Benefits of Using COVID Sign-in Sheets?

If you work in quality and safety management and are looking for ways to simplify your procedures, a COVID Sign-In Sheets are the tools you need. They help track and document your employees health status and assist you in keeping everyone as safe as possible. By using COVID visitor sign-in sheets, companies can take advantage of digitalization in COVID-19 risk management and switch their documentation to an online sign-in sheet in order to save paper cost and have better access to everyone’s data for more efficient evaluation.

Other benefits of COVID sign-in sheets include:

1. Sign-In Sheets Solve COVID Issues Faster

A COVID sign-in sheet for businesses helps resolve COVID-related issues quicker and error-free in a respectful, bias-free system. These forms allow users to quickly view reports on your company’s COVID status using their mobile devices immediately after they have been logged.

2. Improved Contact Tracing

COVID sign-in sheets are the best form of contact tracing that allows healthcare workers to more easily track the movement of patients and their families. This is useful when it comes to identifying the source of a potential outbreak, allowing for rapid containment of the virus and preventing further spread.

3. Higher Accuracy of Data

COVID-19 log sheets help get accurate data for each patient or staff employee, including their exact room number, location, and contact information if they’re isolated. The contact information includes anything the management may need to reach the employees quickly for updates about work.

4. Contamination Prevention

When managers start working with a new person who has COVID, they will use the COVID-19 log sheets to keep track of where they go and whom they come into contact with during their hospital stay. This helps prevent cross-contamination between patients who may have different strains or levels of severity of the disease.

5. Contingency Planning

These COVID log forms help in planning, organizing, and creating a formal contingency plan for how to continue with a project if a staff member gets hit by the virus. These templates help you manage your employees' tasks and make sure they are done right regardless of the COVID situation.

What Are the Variables to Include in a COVID Sign-in Sheet?

When managers execute a plan to make sure their employees are safe from COVID, it's important they have a clear record of who's at work and who isn't. That's why a COVID visitor sign-in sheet should make sure everyone and everything pertinent is accounted for.

Here are the other variables that each COVID sign-in sheet for business should contain:


The first thing to do is to make sure that the COVID sign-in sheet used for your business has all of the personal information of the infected patients. It should have names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even social media handles. This way, if someone in your management needs to get in touch with them, they'll know where to look first.


Detailed descriptions include the new and updated COVID policies in your company and the names of everyone who comes into contact with the employee. This will help you know who's coming into your space and what kind of potential risk they pose for your business or employees.

The status of each employee who has been exposed to the virus should also be on the sheet. This includes whether or not they are showing symptoms, and if so, what type of symptoms they are showing.

If they’re quarantined, the level of quarantine should be included. It should be also noted whether or not the employee is receiving antiviral treatment, as well as what type of treatment they are receiving, and how long they have been taking it.


These sheets should be kept in one place for everyone on staff to use. They may also be given out individually depending on how large your company is and how many employees work directly under each manager/supervisor.

Make sure every employee has a uniform copy of the sheet. If there are multiple copies floating around, it will just confuse employees and make it harder for them to find their own names.

Everyone in the workforce should also understand how important these sheets are and why. Having a vague list of instructions isn't helpful; instead, make sure everyone understands exactly what each column means and what kind of information goes in each space. That way they'll know exactly how much information they need in order to complete their part of the process correctly.

Employees maintaining safe distance

What to Do if an Employee Displayed or Declared Symptoms?

COVID sign-in forms help you effectively adjust your company’s operations without delays by knowing the best course of action to take when employees are unwell because of an outbreak.

Here are some steps you can follow should a team member or employee display COVID symptoms:

Step 1: Management Must Be Informed

This first step is one of the most important ones to take because managers will need to know how the actual work is going to be affected by the workforce number changing and need to be aware of any contamination risk that may have occurred.

Step 2: Record the Symptoms as Accurately as Possible

It is extremely important that managers ask employees to record their symptoms as accurately as possible when they are writing them down on the COVID sign-in forms. A person's symptoms can change over time, so it's not enough to simply write down "tired" or "sore throat" on their sheet. Ask your team members to be as precise as possible to protect everyone.

Managers need to be able to describe the person's specific symptoms in detail using the employee COVID sign-in sheets to document their possible contraction and minimize risks for other employees.

Step 3: Provide Clearance First

Do not let the infected employees work until they have been cleared for duty by management or doctors. Make sure all parties involved are treated by a doctor and follow their recommendations. The patients should also be informed of their rights under federal law regarding workers' compensation claims related to COVID. This is the best advice to help with their documentation to their insurance company.

Step 4: Inform The Entire Workplace

With privacy issues respected, colleagues must be informed about the contamination of the work premises so that other team members can get tested, take their own necessary precautions and so that a thorough workplace cleaning can take place, if necessary. It’s also best to constantly remind them of the importance of following medical advice and reporting any signs or symptoms of illness to avoid escalating the problems.

The Importance of Only Using Accurate COVID Sign-in Sheets for Business

It’s extremely costly to improperly handle a COVID 19 outbreak in your company. That’s why it’s important to only go for COVID 19 forms that address all the pain points, including the difficulty of planning out how many people can show up to work to continue the tasks left empty by those who are unwell.

But if you've ever tried signing in employee COVID sign-in sheets before, you know that they aren't exactly the most efficient way to address the workplace changes. They're often out of date, slow to process, and difficult for new hires to understand. They even often don't help management to keep track of who has been working where.

Lumiform simplifies all these hard, time-consuming tasks of protecting employees from the COVID19 virus by offering a COVID Sign-In Template for various businesses.

Lumiform’s templates are guaranteed to:

  • Resolve issues in the quickest possible time by only asking the most pertinent COVID-related questions. This is to ensure that only the most responsive solutions can be made, resolving the problems 4x faster across various areas of your operations.
  • Identify and reduce errorsbefore they occur by digitizing all quality and safety efforts that cut down on inspection time. This is to let employees adjust to new work conditions quicker because all the data are just one click away.
  • Continuously optimize your quality and safety operations regardless of a COVID outbreak using optimal employee COVID sign-in sheets unique to your company.
  • Offer a flexible building kit to create individual checklists in minutes, making sure no task is left behind regardless of a decreased workforce.
  • Design a quality management system against COVID challenges using Lumiform’s methodologies that are already trusted by leading companies in all industries. This is especially useful when employees need more time off but with hesitations because it could be a sign that they're getting sick, too.
  • Ensure your team follows through with precise rules and regulations to avoid escalating the COVID situation. This helps sustain productivity levels without needing constant supervision or reminders from you or others in your organization because of an outbreak.

Employee COVID safety

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