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Improve employee evaluation by using a digital template. Don't rely on paperwork to make personnel decisions.

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Peer Employee Evaluation Form

Use this Peer Employee Evaluation Form to document feedback from the coworkers.

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Employee Evaluation

Managers use this evaluation form to assess the work of their employees.

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Self-Assessment Employee Evaluation Form

This template is used by employees to evaluate their own work and performance over time.

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What does an Employee Evaluation look like?

An employee evaluation form is used by HR teams to capture an employee's performance, achievements, and improvement potential. They are an important tool of the feedback culture in every company and have been developed in order to:

  • Align the expectations between employers and employees with the requirements of the workplace.

  • To support the development of training plans.

  • Document employee interaction to support important personnel decisions.

This article deals with:

1. The types of preformance review forms

2. The problem with paper-based performance evaluation forms

3. Digital technology for an employee self evaluation form

Types of Employee Evaluation Template

An effective employee evaluation checklist should include 360-degree feedback from managers, colleagues and the respective employee. Employee evaluation forms typically include the following:

  • Top-down evaluations - conducted by a line manager who focuses on productivity, goals, behavior, and values.

  • Peer evaluations- carried out by employees to assess skills, quality of work and teamwork

  • Self-assessments - self-criticism of strengths, improvement potentials and goals

The problem: a paper-based Employee Self Evaluation Template


Creating an employee appraisal using a paper form is time-consuming and duplicates the work of scanning signed documents. Paper documents are difficult to track, difficult to recover, and at high risk of loss.

Important personnel decisions such as layoffs, remediation actions, and promotions are based on signed employee reviews on a form. Losing track of these documents can jeopardize corporate image and annoy employees.

The solution: A Digital Employee Evaluation Form


Lumiform is a powerful form creation app that lets you digitize and streamline your employee review process. Convert your paper-based employee performance evaluation format into a digital form. Create reports in real time and capture all signatures electronically. All your appraisals are securely stored and easily accessed over the Internet. Never lose a form again by performing employee reviews digitally.


Writing an employee review is made easier by providing you with four best practice templates. You can download these free employment evaluation forms and adapt them to your needs. Try these digital forms with the Lumiform app on your mobile device. Edit the form for your company's employee review according to your company's internal guidelines. No programming skills are required.