Pre-trip Inspection Bus

Use a digital Pre trip Inspection Check list to manage all future and recorded bus safety inspections.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection

For departure control, drivers use this checklist to carry out a thorough inspection of their vehicle before departure.

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Driver Evaluation Checklist

A driver evaluation checklist is a tool used to assess drivers’ performance when operating school buses.

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What is a pre trip inspection check list ?

A departure check on a bus helps to determine whether a school bus is functional and reliable. It enables the inspector to detect defects and malfunctions at an early stage, which could lead to dangerous incidents, vehicle damage or injuries to passengers.


This article deals with:

1. Examples of important technical defects & malfunctions requiring action

2. Digital application for the departure control of a bus

Important technical defects and malfunctions

In the following, defects and malfunctions are listed which require immediate treatment:

  • Defective braking systems - Defects or malfunctions in the braking system are highly dangerous and can lead to life-threatening incidents for passengers on board if the brakes do not stop the vehicle during use. It is therefore of utmost importance to check for signs that could indicate a malfunction, such as squeaking noises, stuck pedals or non-functioning brake lights.

  • unnoticed oil leaks can lead to engine failure and cause serious environmental and safety risks. Regular checking for signs of oil leakage is essential.

  • Flat tyres - A puncture at high speeds can lead to loss of control of the vehicle and cause serious and fatal roadside accidents. Regular air pressure checks can prevent unnoticed dangers to the tyre.

Digital application for the departure control of a bus

With Lumiform's mobile app, you can easily perform any quality and safety inspection using a tablet or smartphone - online or offline. With the desktop software, you can create checklists and evaluate the data collected in the field. This significantly reduces the risk of quality loss, accidents at work, documentation errors and damage to reputation.

Why digital?

  • Generate real-time data via internal processes, to make quality and security measurable, and you can use the data to optimize operations continuously.

  • Get an overview of everything that's going on on-site.
  • Reports are created automatically - this saves the complete postprocessing.

  • Save time by analyzing all data more easily and identifying areas that need your attention more quickly.

  • Continuous improvement of quality and safety: With the flexible checklist construction kit you can constantly optimize internal tests and processes. Since Lumiform guides the examiner through the exam, no training is required.

  • The very simple operation offers no margin for error for inspectors on site. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.