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Scope of Work

Use a digital checklist to create a complete scope of work for your projects.

See our ready-made templates:

Project Scope of Work Template

<div>This Scope of Work (SOW) template can be used by project managers to clearly define all the work required to fulfil clients' demands and create an enforceable record.</div>

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Construction Scope of Work Template

Use this scope of work template for your construction site to plan details like deliverables, costs, tasks, etc. for projects.

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Scope of Work Template

This customizable template is used by project managers to list questions that they can use as guidelines for the SOW.

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What is a scope of work?

A scope of work names and defines the services for a project in an official document.These are also called Einzelellelistunge, partial services or service items. In project management, scopes of work are mainly used in construction and plant engineering, but they are also increasingly used for other types of projects and in other industries.

Service specifications are used for three purposes:

  • Designation of required deliverables for a project by a client

  • Description of deliverable services by a provider

  • Definition of agreed services in a contract between client and contractor

The scope of work represents the complete listing of all services to be provided. At the same time, it is the basis for project costing, the planning of work packages and the resulting determination of resource requirements and estimation of the project duration. The scope of work is of crucial importance in order to avoid time-consuming and expensive corrective work and legal disputes.

This article discusses:

1. What a scope of work entails

2. Content of a scope of work checklist

2. An app & software for a digital scope of work

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What belongs in a checklist for the scope of work?

When formulating the checklist items for a scope of work, certain guidelines must be followed. For example, it should contain only relevant information that is relevant to the project. Therefore, certain services are not listed in the scope of work template. The contents to be mentioned include services which, according to the terms of the contract or commercial custom, are part of the required services. Accordingly, only the type as well as the scope of the services to be performed as well as all circumstances affecting the performance of the services are to be mentioned.

These details should not be missing in a scope of work checklist:

  • Details of client and contractor

  • Project location, period and scope

  • Description of services to be performed

  • Scope and quantity of services to be performed

  • Circumstances or concerned circumstances of the performance of the services

4 aspects of a scope of work

A scope of work can be a complex and time-consuming matter. It is crucial to define all the necessary details about a project to avoid unexpected problems and costs. Here are 4 tips for your SOW:

1. Define the goal

The reason for the project and why you were hired by the client should be clearly stated. This minimizes ambiguity and ensures that all parties agree on the purpose and terms of the project.

2. Define the timeframe

It is critical to define a timeline and timeframe for the proposed work. This helps to specify how long certain steps will take and can avoid certain misunderstandings if the work takes longer than expected.

3. Assign tasks

The specific tasks during the project should be assigned to specific people. Similarly, the outcome of a project should be clearly stated and documented.

4. Set a budget

You should estimate the necessary budget for the project as thoroughly as possible. Budget overruns are a common problem, so it is advisable to estimate the necessary costs as accurately as possible

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An app & software for a digital scope of work

With Lumiform's mobile app and desktop software, you create scopes of work digitally using a checklist. So you can be sure not to forget any point. Go through your list point by point and then automatically create a performance report that you can send immediately.

With Lumiform, project managers can:

  • Create new custom checklists at any time with the flexible form builder and customize them over and over again.

  • Improve scopes of work by taking and attaching photos via the mobile app.

  • Create scopes of work on the spot - online and offline.

  • Automatically save the scopes of work in the cloud and access it anytime from anywhere.

  • Collect all signatures for the project electronically.

  • Easily connect Lumiform's software with other software systems in the company.

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