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Audit of a branch for car rental

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Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra
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Audit of a branch for car rental


Total branch boss entries

Employee 1 boss entries

Employee 2 boss entries

Employee 3 boss entries

Employee 4 boss entries

Employee 5 boss entries

Employee 6 boss entries

Red car during visit?

Under 20 minute report (from Jessie)

Priority Pass script is being followed

VIP stamp being used

Branch PPASS score

All PPASS contracts pre-written for the day?

CSCs done daily (make sure we are going over charges and documenting in callbacks)

3 critical questions being asked and logged in SF Log

All cars are being cleaned every night

Close pends less than 1% of tickets

Office clean and check lost and found

No callbacks behind

Is someone doing adjuster and 1.0 callbacks?

Employee hours budgeted and in line. Workbrain up to date.

Check ARMS usage - reports from Jessie for B/S and Dealership

30 day re-writes are up to date

Review Ron Spires last audit

LOFR score

Recall score

Rate tracker sent twice daily

Morning huddle today?

Goal board updated?

Training and observations happening for anyone under $7?

Monthly sales performance reviews for all employees

Check employee files (for 4x4s/MPRs, PDMs, Roadmaps, Sales Observations, etc.)

6 sales steps being followed

Intro/Biz card

BRP lead

Walk the lot

Fuel at the counter



Car Sale Lead

Branch Net Other over $105 expectation

Employee Package Points average 90+

Branch DW/PAI split less than 4%

Branch/Employee add'l rev over $7