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Car & Truck Rental Quality Branch Audit

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Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra
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Car & Truck Rental Quality Branch Audit

Yard / Detailing Area

Yard Parked Up All vehicles are parked properly and in the correct location (OOS, Dirty, Sale, Clean)

Yard & Garden free from rubbish and weeds

Smoking trays empty and all area free from cigarette butts. Staff smoking in designated areas.

Detailing area clean, tidy and organized.

Cleaning products stored correctly and labelled appropriately.

Material Safety Data Sheets are current not expired

Cleaning equipment in good condition and stored correctly

All additional equipment are in good condition and stored correctly(baby seats, trolleys, moving packs etc...)

Office / Counter Presentation

Internal Office Appearanceincluding drawers, cupboards and storage are clean and tidy

Customer Visibility including computer monitors and benches are clean and tidy

Staff Amenities & Toilets including kitchen fridges clean and tidy and all rubbish removed

All carpets and lights are clean and in working order

Counter is free from objects including non-budget literature

Windows and glass doors are clean and free from marks

Promotional Material

Point of sale material is current including counter cards and posters

Vehicle banners are out and/or daily promotional material

Brochures displayed are current and in stock with sufficient numbers

Budget location and opening times signage current and in good condition


Fleet Quality Audit 1

Fleet Quality Audit 2

Key tags used are legible and in good condition

Vehicle OOS tags being used

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage 1

Vehicle Signage 2

Vehicle Signage 3

Quality Control Documents

QCD completed correctly for Ready to Rent vehicles

QCD completed correctly for Check In vehicles

Team Member Uniform

All team members wearing uniform correctly and is in good condition (Shirts ironed, clean, scarves worn)

All team members wearing name badges

All team members wearing Staff ID badges

General appearance confirms to Budget standards


All wizard files neatly filed and in existence S1&S2, Damage, Manual RAs, Reports, Banking

Wizard Manual

Distance Book

12 Steps to Success

Counter ERF & Fleet guides (passenger & commercial) in good condition


Number of sales leads submitted

Mystery Call 1

Mystery Call 2

Occupational Health & Safety




Incidental Complaint Log current

Camera available and photos taken correctly

Daily Checklists completed

No outstanding requests sitting in Wizard for more than 2 hours

Budget Service Proud Point Scores completed , at least 3 per week

Local maps or street directories available

No entries in missing km report

Lost property procedure in place and working correctly

Overdue Report - all actioned

Open Movement Report - all actioned

No partials outstanding

WRSBCEX report being completed

MCR completed correctly

Damage File completed correctly

Manual RAs accounted for

Archiving organised