Corporate Security Survey

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Corporate Security Survey

Corporate Security

Have you met or are you acquainted with the majority of your neighbouring businesses and/or residents?

Have you discussed neighbourhood and/or personal safety with your employees and/or nearby residents?

Do you tell post office when building will be unoccupied for an extended period of time?

Do you belong to a Business Watch Program?

Is there effective street lighting in and around your premises?

Building Exterior

Is your building address number easily visible from the street, with numbers at least 4" high?

If there a street curb in front of your building, are your address numbers painted on the curb in black letters four (4) to six (6) inches high on a white background?

If your building has a mailbox near the street, are your address numbers on the mailbox at least three (3) inches high?

If your building is located along an alley, are the address numbers plainly visible from the alley?

Are shrubs, bushes and other plant growth within (6) feet of any building sidewalks, driveway, doors or gates maintained at a height of not more than (2) feet?

Are shrubs, bushes, and other plant growth between six (6) and twelve (12) feet from any building sidewalks, driveways, doors, or gates maintained at a height of not more than (3) feet?

Are trees trimmed so that lower branches are at least six (6) feet off the ground?

Are trees located or trimmed so that they cannot be used to gain access to an upper level of the building?

Are spiny (thorny) plants used as ground cover along fences and under windows of the home?

Has decorative stone or rock been used as ground cover near the business so that it makes noise when someone walks on it?

Has fencing, paving, landscaping or some other comparable means been used to identify when a person transcends from public or private property

If there is a fence around the home or property, are the gates routinely locked?

Do family members routinely secure items of value such as bicycles, lawn mowers, ladders, etc. at night or when the home is not occupied?

Are all the entryways, porches and walkways to the residence well lighted?

Are all sides of the residence protected by security lighting that is located high out or reach (under the eaves of the house preferably) and is vandal resistant?

Are exterior lights controlled by photocell (versus interior switches)?

Is motion detection lighting used on the exterior of the building?

Are telephone lines entering the home high enough that they cannot be easily reached and cut?

If there are detached buildings on the property (garage, storage building, barn, etc.), are the doors and windows security locked?

Parking Structures/Lots

Is the garage/parking structure controlled access (e.g. attendant, ticket station)?

Is the garage/parking structure locked when not being occupied?

Is there a valet option for parking?

Is there adequate lighting in parking areas?

Is there an emergency phone or safe walk option?

Are any waste or recycle containers in a secure structure?


Are deadbolt locks with at least 1" throw installed on all exterior or entrance doors?

Was the building re-keyed the last time a new occupant moved in?


Are exterior or entrance doors either solid core or steel?

Are door locks that can be opened from the inside at least 40" from glass?

For exterior doors with glazing within 40" of the door lock, is break resistant polycarbonate glazing material used?

Do exterior or entrance doors fit tightly within the door jam?

Do exterior doors have wide angle (180') door viewers?

Are exterior door strike plates secured with screws at least 3" long?

If exterior doors swing outward and have exposed hinge pins, have removable pins been replaced with non-removable pins?

Have screws been installed in the tracks of sliding glass doors?

Are locking bars (or "Charlie Bars") used to secure glass windows?

Are the door locks in a good state of repair?

Do occupants of the building hide keys outside the vicinity?


Have double hung windows been pinned?

Have crank handles been removed from basement windows?

Do basement windows have security bars, grills or auxiliary locks?

Are window air conditioners anchored and protected by steel grillwork to prevent removal from the outside?

Security Alarm System

Does the home have an electronic intrusion alarm system?

Was the alarm installed by an experienced, reputable, and reliable alarm installation company?

Is the building security alarm monitored by a professional alarm monitoring company?

If the alarm system is more than five (5) years old, has the equipment been evaluated for upgrading or updating?

Have all responsible members of the building been trained how to properly arm and disarm the alarm system?

Does the alarm system have a back-up power source (battery)?

Miscellaneous Building Security Measures

Does the building have an Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) burglary resistant safe?

Have valuable papers such as stock and bond certificates, mortgages, property titles and deeds, birth, marriage and death certificates, passports, income tax records, etc. been placed in a rented safe deposit box?

Are all exterior doors locked at night or when the building is unoccupied?

Are interior lights visible from the outside left on when the building is unoccupied at night?

Is there a cellular phone in the building in the event telephone lines are cut or inoperative?

Are accessible openings to the building such as skylights, crawl spaces, vents, etc. protected by a strong, well fitting cover and high quality lock?

Is there any type of business or personal identification information on key rings?

Closure Checklist

Are home deliveries stopped and arrangements made for a trusted neighbour or a family member to pick up mail, newspaper, and packages?

Are trusted neighbours asked to watch the residence when the occupants are away on vacation?

Are arrangements made to have the lawn mowed or snow removed during closures?

Are lights and a radio or television connected to timers that turn them on and off at appropriate times?

Are arrangements made to have garbage cans placed on the curb for normal pickup days and returned to their proper location after the pickup is made?

Are window shades and blinds left in their normal position when the location is vacant?

Is the bell or ringer on the telephone turned down low when no one is on site?

Does the message on the telephone answering machine indicate the premises is vacant?


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