Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

This digital landscaping maintenance checklist form can be used by commercial property managers and landscaping business owners to ensure the quality of work performed by landscapers. This tool allows managers and owners to effectively assign landscaping maintenance jobs to workers and monitor performance quality. 

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Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

Mowing completed

Edging completed

Weed Control completed

Litter and leaves cleaned up

Fertilizer applied to lawn

What is the type/name of fertilizer applied?

Herbicide applied to plants and beds

Herbicide applied to lawn

Pruning done on shrubs

Pruning done on trees

Irrigation checked

Is there any need for repairs or upgrades?

Please describe why and enumerate the needed repairs/upgrades.

Bark/Rock mulch applied

Lawn aeration applied

Winterization done

Parking lot/s cleaned

Walks and curb edges brushed

Beds applied with permanent edging

Does the general landscape need an upgrade?

Please describe the necessary upgrades.

Janitor rooms cleaned

Is there an updated MSDS book outside the Janitor's supply room?

Are the chemicals bottles labeled as per OSHA standards?

Is the supply room clean and holds enough supplies for a month?

Do employees have necessary PPE equipment?

Building corridors cleaned of dust and cobwebs

Landscaper's Signature: