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Self-Assessment Employee Evaluation Form

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This employee self-assessment form can be used by employees to reflect on and evaluate their performance over time. In addition, they provide information about which tasks they have mastered in which way, in which areas they would like to improve and which support they would like from the employer. The self-assessment is part of a feedback interview and a good supplement to the employee appraisal by the supervisor.
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  • Cut inspection time by 50%
  • Uncover more issues and solve them 4x faster
  • Select from over 4000 expert-proofed templates
Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra
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Self-Assessment Employee Evaluation Form

Personal Data

Full name

Job title

Job description


Years at company

Job/Task Description

How would you describe your main duties?

Have these responsibilities changed over time?

Do you take on any other responsibilities?

Is there anything about your work that you would like to change?

What could your supervisor(s) do to help you be more successful in your work?

What feedback or suggestions do you have to improve your team and/or department?

Performance vs. Successes

What were your most important work-related achievements? (projects, tasks, new skills or knowledge gained, etc.)

How are these achievements linked to your key responsibilities and aims for you and your team/department?

What actions have you taken to meet your responsibilities?

What didn’t you finish that you had intended on accomplishing? Why?

What could you have done better?

What are your main strengths?

In which areas is there potential for improvement?

What are your goals for the next appraisal interview?

How will you reach these goals?

Do you need additional resources to achieve these goals?

How can your unit help you reach your goals?

Professional Development

What training courses have you participated in?

What additional education or training would help you improve your job performance?

Do you need additional resources or training for your job?

How can your supervisor help you work more effectively and support your goals?


Full name and signature of the employee:

Full name and signature of the supervisor: