Tractor Maintenance

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Tractor Maintenance


Clean air filter primary element

Remove air cleaner and primary element to clean

Check the evaluator valve is clean

Clean fuel filter

Periodically clean fuel filter bowl and element

Adjust fan belt tension

Deflection of 7-9 mm when the belt is pressed in the middle of the span

Check fuel line

Check all lines and hose clamps are tight and not damagedNOTE: if fuel line is removed, bleed the fuel system

Adjust clutch pedal

Proper clutch pedal free travel 20-30mm on the pedal

Adjust brake pedal

Proper brake pedal free travel 15-20mm on the pedal

Keep the free travel in the right and left pedal equal

Check battery condition

Check battery indicatorGreen - OK. Black - needs recharging. White - replace

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