Warehouse Hygiene

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Warehouse Hygiene

Date / time

Select date

Previous reported actions completed

Have all previously reported safety concerns been addressed ?

Have all hygiene issues been rectified ?

Have all procedural queries been resolved from previous report ?

Access and Egress -Are walkways / doorways clear of obstructions including pallets, product and equipment ?date

Goods in walkways ?

Pick grid / post area ?

Pick mezzanine ?

Garage / returns area ?

Broken tools and new defective mezzanine ?

All fire exits clear / correctly labeled ?

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Goods in bays

Product presented safely ?

Product stacked and stored to minimise damage ?

Product segregated and labeled - damaged, non conforming, good stock and overs / unders ?

Rubbish removed / area tidy ?

Equipment stored correctly ?

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Assembly area

Bulk area tidy and presented well ?

All product in bulk area able to be accessed easily ?

Pick grid well presented and tidy ?

Loading area clear of old pallets / red bins ?

Post area tidy and well presented ?

Product in storage locations well presented ?

Area 2 ?

Area 5 ?

Area 6 ?

Pick mezzanine ?

Transit area ?

(check name not set)

Returns /BT/ NDT

Product clearly segregated and labeled ?

Spot audit 10 returned products to ensure quality checks are correct.

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Spot check min 1 first parade check sheet

Review any VOR equipment

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Any safety issues reported on shift ?

All safety concerns resolve ?

Outstanding safety concerns escalated ?

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