Quality assurance in the call centre

We give 6 valuable tips for quality assurance in call centers and provide useful tools to help you perform your QA tasks effectively.

What is a Call Center QA?

In the call center, quality assurance (QA) is a process to ensure that customer interactions are aligned with business objectives. A monitoring of the QA aims at identifying common customer issues, improve the customer experience and help standardize communication processes with customers.

How is call quality assessed?

Call quality is usually monitored by the team leader or a member of the quality assurance specialist. There are typically two types of data which are assessed during QA monitoring:

  1. Call and customer metrics & data: These include average response time, processing time, customer satisfaction rating, NPS rating, productivity metrics, etc..

  2. strong>QA Assessment: is performed by a team leader or QA specialist on a sample of customer interactions to evaluate the solution and professionalism against an agreed scorecard.

Call center quality assurance is an important tool for measuring improvements over time and maintaining a high level of your customers' satisfaction.

We give 6 valuable tips for quality assurance in call centers and provide useful tools to help you perform your QA tasks effectively.

6 Tips for Call Center Quality Assurance

1. Set priorities

Do you want to reach the highest CSAT among your colleagues? Do you need to ensure that the 800 calls in a queue are answered with a minimum of dropped calls? Are you focused on customer service or more on technical support? Is your Net Promoter Score (NPS) or CSAT falling behind the competition? What are your key performance indicators? How are you positioned according to benchmarking? You should be aware of your basic goals and priorities and create your QA forms according to these priorities.

2. The QA should be continuous

Being a call center is an ongoing process and you should ensure that the representatives are aware that it is indeed ongoing. Records should be made often enough for calls, emails or chats, as this communication is used to determine the quality of customer interactions. The quality of this communication is then discussed during coaching and training sessions. Consistent Call center QA reviews strengthen positive ways of working that help to improve the customer experience and address areas for improvement.

3. quality monitoring in a call center for all employees

It is essential, that all employees who interact with customers should be monitored and coached on quality assurance, whether they are top, bottom or middle performers, because there will always be areas for improvement. Those who perform less well can benefit greatly from QA coaching, as mistakes can be corrected. For middle and top managers, reinforcement or recognition of good practices can be achieved during coaching sessions.

4. Call center QA reviews help to achieve business objectives

"This call may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes" - should be the programme As a call center, quality assurance provides the optimal basis for QA coaching and training opportunities to improve customer interaction. Recorded communications can also help to improve operational processes.

5. Never lose sight of the customers

Relying solely on a QA scorecard can lead to negative results for customer interaction. A QA scorecard serves only to achieve a minimum standard for customer interaction. All team members should be encouraged to do more than that in delivering a positive customer experience, even if this is in direct conflict with a scorecard. Remember that customers and agents are people and not all interactions can be evaluated in a scorecard.

6. Use the right tools

QA Forms that are standardized, carefully designed and easy to use are great tools for QA monitoring. The assessment and analysis features available with Lumiform help QA professionals assess call quality, monitor trends and identify common failures. Lumiform group administrators can control the permissions of other Lumiform users to ensure that the QA forms used are generally standardized. With data collected and stored in a cloud-based repository, Lumiform QA specialists can help determine the right action plans and align communication processes with business objectives.

Call center QA reviews help companies improve customer interactions, evaluate communication processes and encourage employees to work together to achieve business objectives. Using tools like Lumiform, you determine what needs to be changed to achieve an ideal customer experience in the long term.

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