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Popular digital templates

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The selection of templates you see below is our handpicked industry highlights. Some digital templates are industry-specific, while others can be more versatile, finding purpose in industries all across the board. For example, our multi-purpose templates could be an employee timesheet, a fire extinguisher inspection, an IT due-diligence template, or an ISO 31000 risk management template. Whatever it is you’re looking for, from whatever industry - healthcare and pharmaceuticals to construction and manufacturing - we’ve got you covered.

Because they are the tried and true, most popular templates on the internet, they also make for an ideal example if you should choose to create your own. We’ve compiled a list of over 30 of our most popular templates for you to browse and click on. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

How Do I Create a Popular Template for My Checklist?

When creating a digital template, you should follow a few basic rules to work effectively and correctly. Your goal should be to create your checklist template as specific and goal-oriented as possible. The following six points should be observed when making a checklist template:

  • Completeness
  • Clarity
  • Comprehensibility
  • Design
  • Verifiability
  • Optimization

Test Your Digital Template Before Use

After you have checked and adjusted your template for these points, it is recommended to test it before use. Perform a test run and take the chance to detect errors or gaps. Then optimize your template until you have the desired result. In this way, you get a flawless checklist template for recurring tests and challenges in everyday work.

FAQs: The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Popular Templates

What Are the Advantages of Using Popular Digital Templates?

Popular templates give you and your employees the necessary structure in your daily work processes. Step by step, your checklist template guides you through your daily tasks, so you never forget any essential to-dos. At the same time, you guarantee the completeness of your checks and the subsequent documentation.

With the help of digital templates, you eliminate the problems of paper-based processes in your company. You move to an efficient, digital system and save time by streamlining inspections and audits.

The following four points speak for the advantages of digital templates:

  • Saving time on routine tasks
  • Relief for administrative tasks
  • Structured working method
  • Faster communication

In Which Areas Can Popular Digital Templates Be Used?

Templates can be used for inspections, audits, and quality and safety checks. Besides, daily logs, risk assessments, lists, and orders can be processed more efficiently with a template. Our template library offers a wide range of different checklist templates for many areas.

Does a Digital Checklist Template Comply With the Documentation Obligation?

Many industries work under a strict documentation obligation. This is especially true in industries like healthcare, where the processes and procedures must be wholly and carefully documented to comply with the prescribed regulations. Lumiform helps companies more efficiently fill out, save, and share the required documents. They can then be accessed at any time and from anywhere by whoever you share permissions with.