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Software de Gestión de Calidad Kaizen

Gestiona la calidad con base en el método de mejora continua Kaizen. Involucra a todos los trabajadores de la empresa en el proceso mediante acciones simples y concretas.
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Beneficios clave

Accede a todo el historial de los datos recogidos, recoger los datos necesarios, revisar las tareas pendientes y completadas, identificar incidentes y coordinar soluciones. De esta forma, trabajas con información actualizada al minuto y puedes optimizar los procesos basándote en las tendencias y patrones encontrados.

Organiza todo proceso de inspección o control creando calendarios y recordatorios. Asigna actividades a personas o grupos de distintos lugares. Realiza todo a tiempo y evita errores, gracias al programa de acciones correctivas y solución de problemas al instante.

Con la app Kaizen de Lumiform puedes comunicarte internamente con todos los miembros del equipo sin importar donde se encuentren. Al tener una mejor comunicación, los problemas se detectan y resuelven más rápido y de forma conjunta. Obtén resultados más efecientes con una digitalización adecuada.

Características principales
1. Crea formularios personalizados en pocos minutos

Elige entre más de 12.000 plantillas listas para usar, o crea tus propios y potentes formularios en un instante.

Realice inspecciones de forma eficiente a través de la intuitiva aplicación de inspección Lumiform. Esté donde esté, en línea o fuera de línea.

Formula observaciones, asigna acciones correctivas directamente a tus colegas y haz seguimiento de todo el proceso de resolución de problemas.

Comparta sus informes de inspección generados automáticamente directamente con todas las partes interesadas mientras analiza a fondo todos los datos.

Trabaja en colaboración en las acciones mientras registras las operaciones.

Programa y asigna las inspecciones para que se realicen de forma fiable y a tiempo.

Las notificaciones push, los correos electrónicos o los SMS recuerdan a tu equipo las inspecciones que hay que hacer.

Añade comentarios de texto y fotos durante una inspección.

Utiliza lógicas para guiar a tu equipo a través de cada inspección de forma estandarizada.

Personaliza tus informes para que se ajusten exactamente a tus necesidades.

Activa y asigna acciones automáticamente en función de la respuesta de un inspector.

Implica a socios externos en la resolución de la acción sin coste adicional.

Conecte Lumiform vía API a sus sistemas existentes.

Continuously Drive Improvements with Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App

In order for you and your team to find ways to enhance your day-to-day workflow, your work methods and habits should be constantly questioned, discussed, and ultimately optimized. In using Kaizen, there are several principles that should guide you and your employees in your daily work to improve your business in all areas, continuously.

Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App encourages proactive employee engagement by empowering every member of your team to identify and capture opportunities for change and improvement. With a mobile Kaizen software, it’s easier for every employee – from senior management to frontline workers – to participate in the organization’s continuous efforts toward overall improvement.

Find out more about the following topics:

1. Applying Kaizen Principles With Our Kaizen Method App

2. Using a Kaizen App in Your Everyday Workflow

3. Important Features of Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App

Implementing the Kaizen Method with Lumiform

Designing and applying the different principles of the Kaizen method become second nature for you and your team with Lumiform’s Kaizen app. You can work proactively and efficiently rather than reactively and with paper and pen, which slows you down monumentally. In the Lumiform app, tasks and their steps are securely documented, and digital checklists for all areas within your workplace are available to aid in daily improvements across your organization.

With a digital Kaizen checklist, your reviewing process is completely dynamic, and stored all in one place. The Lumiform flow allows you to create new checklists whenever you need, modify individual checks, add new logic, assign tasks on the fly, and adjust and optimize your quality and safety processes from anywhere, online or offline.

Thanks to the Kaizen Method App, you avoid wasting valuable assets like money, materials, and time. You can get an accurate, detailed overview of your inspections and assign tasks to the respective people. With real-time data on internal processes, you can check the quality and safety of your operation, and constantly optimize processes based on your gathered information that is stored safely in the cloud. Gain a real-time overview of all incidents and audits to prevent them in advance and establish higher safety and quality standards.

With continuous improvements, standards are set high in your organization and made the norm. Ensure that the defined company standards are adhered to at all times and in all locations. Remotely coordinate all aspects of your processes for you and your team, putting everyone on the same page. By performing standardized inspections with Lumiform, you can identify risks faster and minimize vulnerability, sticking to your Kaizen practices.

Using a Kaizen Method App in Your Daily Work Practices

The Kaizen Method seeks to work in a results-oriented manner, constantly improving procedures and methods of operation. In doing so, it is especially important to work sustainably and create a Kaizen mentality throughout the company. A digital Kaizen tool helps you develop and communicate strategies, plan improvements, implement and monitor results, and continuously drive advancements.

  1. Encourage Your Employees to Get Involved
  2. Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App helps companies collect valuable feedback from their employees to improve operational efficiency. It also encourages cross-functional collaboration, communicating ideas to the right people and opening doors for potential Kaizen-fueled events.

  3. Streamline the Monitoring and Implementation of Kaizen Processes
  4. By centralizing management with the Kaizen Method App, you can save time and money on manual monitoring. The software enables you to ensure that compliance tasks are completed correctly and on time. Track task completion across multiple locations, detect vulnerabilities immediately, monitor performance over time, and make critical decisions when it matters.

  5. Daily and Continuous Improvements Are Pushed Forward
  6. Encourage your employee’s proactive involvement by empowering them to identify and capture opportunities for change and improvement with Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App. When using the Kaizen method along with Lumiform’s app, staying organized and on the same page is simple, intuitive, and beneficial.

  7. Replace Paper Templates
  8. Optimize your Kaizen management by eliminating the piles of printed templates and replacing them with a Kaizen app. Lumiform allows employees to fill in digital templates with their mobile devices and capture improvement opportunities within their workplace as soon as they see them. The software guides them to describe their ideas in detail, and they can also add supporting images and notes for reference.

    Five Important Features in Lumiform’s Kaizen Method App

    Improve your processes and work methods while using Lumiform’s Kaizen app – it encourages team communication and helps to continuously drive work forward. The digital app guides you step-by-step through your checks or audits. You can document, analyze, and review the collected data anytime, anywhere.

    With Lumiform’s Kaizen mobile app, you can easily conduct quality and safety audits, report issues before or as soon as they come up, and quickly assign corrective actions to responsible colleagues. Easy communication with all team members and third-party vendors allows you to improve internal processes and resolve incidents that arise up to four times faster than before.

    Profit from these five benefits of the Lumiform’s Kaizen App:

    1. Digital Forms
    2. The flexible form builder allows you to create new individual checklists at any time and customize them again and again. You can create them from scratch or choose from one of the 12,000+ premade templates at your disposable.

    3. Scheduling and Notifications
    4. When you put a schedule in place, the Lumiform app ensures that it is followed to a tee. All employees receive notifications about the procedures and their due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and/or issues have occurred. Ensure the Kaizen method can be practiced by putting efficiency first.

    5. Faster Identification and Resolution of Issues
    6. The information you collect during an inspection is captured and saved under the Analysis tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location, and department. This helps you quickly identify root causes and issues so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

    7. Track Inspections Over Time
    8. Monitor your team’s inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operation, aka the Kaizen way!

    9. Integrations
    10. For your and your team’s convenience, Lumiform has the ability and strength to seamlessly connect with anything. Our versatile, dependable API is just one of the numerous ways we can directly improve your operations while you enhance your business through Kaizen.