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The employee has an employment contract with the employer. Learn everything about the rights and obligations of the employee in the following article.

What Does an Employee Do?

The employee is in the employment contract concerning the working time, the place of work, and the work performance submitted to the employer. According to the employment contract, an employee is a dependent person who must provide services determined by others. In return, the employee is reimbursed with a monthly salary.

Legal Rights and Obligations

The employment relationship exists in every industry. Thus, commercial workers, commercial employees, employees in the construction industry, ship crews, and public service are commercial workers. For those employees, which are not subject to a special regulation, the general service contract law of the §§ 611 ff. BGB.

The Duties of the Employee

1. Obligation to Work

The employees obligation is to complete the promised work performance. The scope as well as the quality, time and place are defined in the employment contract. The employees fulfills the obligation if the right work has been done at the right place at the right time.

2. Obligation of Loyalty

The employee is committed to the obligation of loyalty. This describes the obligation of the employees to support the economic and entrepreneurial interests of the employer. The fiduciary obligation includes the duties to refrain and the duties to behave.

The Rights of the Employee

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