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Use project management software to improve the way you set goals, estimate deadlines, allocate your resources, and more
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Key Benefits

With a project management app, you'll be able to easily track the progress of tasks associated with successfully completing your project. Use regular digitally generated status updates to stay aware of everything happening in the project. Project management software also alerts you to any necesary changes much earlier.

Every checklist or inspection you conduct will be turned into a data report you can refer to anytime you need it. These reports are automatically generated, saveable as PDF files, and allow you to see what works about your project management strategy, common errors that are arising, and measure the effect any change in processes is having.

The best project managers are those that set achievable goals and reasonable timeframes. Project management software helps you do this by giving you massive amounts of data on everything from how long a task takes to how much resources it requires to what the most common mistakes are when completing said task. Understanding all of these factors helps you refine your project management strategy and goal setting.

Get a head start with ready-to-use templates

Key Features
1. Set up forms in a snap

Select from over 12,000 ready-made inspection templates or create powerful custom forms in a flash.

Conduct inspections efficiently via the intuitive Lumiform inspection app. From wherever you are, online or offline.

Share observations and assign corrective actions directly to colleagues and track the entire troubleshooting process.

Share your automatically generated inspection reports directly with all stakeholders while thoroughly analyzing all data.

Work collaboratively on actions while logging operations.

Schedule and assign inspections so that they get conducted reliably in time.

Push notifications, emails or SMS remind your team of inspections that need to be done.

Add text comments and photos during an inspection.

Use logics to guide your team through each inspection in a standardized way.

Customize your reports so they fit your needs exactly.

Trigger and assign actions automatically based on an inspector’s answer.

Involve external partners in action resolution at no extra cost.

Connect Lumiform via API to your existing systems.

Powerful project management software for any business

Whatever industry or product a business works with, project management software is an invaluable asset. The process of leading a project from start to finish is filled with different stages and tasks that can be difficult to balance alone. And losing track of key steps can cause you to miss your deadline.

That’s why product management software is a necessary tool for businesses. It can help you follow the steps of project management, track individual tasks, gather feedback from team members, and maintain clear communication with employees. Our comprehensive, mobile project management app has several functions including progress tracking, risk assessments, goal setting, and more, which help you design and implement projects.

There are several benefits to digitizing project management in your business, including:

1. Real-time reporting

2. Easy progress tracking

3. Detailed analytics

4. More realistic goal-setting

4. Higher productivity

Real-time reporting

Collecting data on the various cogs in your project management machine is easier with project management software. Our app allows you to download project management checklists that make it easy to request daily and weekly updates from everyone in your team. Assign checklists to specific people so that everyone understands their responsibilities.

In addition to status updates, having a project management app allows you to effortlessly inspect aspects of the project management process, including final products, to make sure everything is proceeding as planned and to flag issues while there is still time to correct them. Once these inspections are complete, our project management software can automatically identify things that need to be changed based on the results.

Easy progress tracking

One of the keys to successful project management is staying aware of developments at every stage of the process. That is how you’ll be able to react quickly in case of an unexpected delay or other problem. By using and distributing project management checklists that employees complete regularly, you won’t be taken by surprise if your project planning needs to change.

Tracking tasks is useful for future projects as well as current ones. A comprehensive overview of the successes and failures experienced throughout the project process helps you inform the way you approach project management in the future. Staying aware of developments alerts you to risks and pitfalls you weren’t aware of before.

Detailed analytics

Project management software like Lumiform will automatically use the data obtained from checklists and inspections to generate visualizations of your performance, so you can understand how your processes are impacting your performance. This data is also useful for measuring the impact of changes to your workflows.

Every report that Lumiform creates is heavily customizable. You can choose how often to receive reports, what data you want your reports to include, and the parameters for interpreting the results of your inspections (for example, defining anything less than 90% positive as poor performance). Once a report is generated, it’s there forever, and you can download it as a PDF file.

More realistic goal-setting

Project managers most often succeed when they are able to separate the ultimate aim of a project into a series of easily understandable goals that can be reliably completed; project management software helps you do this because it gives you access to so much more data than you would otherwise have. Checklists, inspections, and analytics inform you of everything from the time a task takes to the budget required to do it properly.

Knowing the details of current and past projects informs your approach to future ones. Did a particular step in the process need more time than you were expecting? Account for that next time a similar task is needed. The data collected by project management apps is stored indefinitely, so you have no shortage of opportunities to refine your project management strategy.

Higher productivity

Collecting data and using that data to refine your processes will make your employees more efficient in the future. And even without that hindsight, simply being able to issue assignments in the form of checklists means your employees will always know what is expected of them. That cuts down on wasted time and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Another way that project management software improves productivity is by improving communication between managers and employees, as well as within teams. Having everyone’s tasks available and accessible means it’s easier to synchronize each team member’s responsibilities.

Higher productivity means faster production, which leads to more profitability. And a more efficient workforce keeps your stakeholders happy, which is valuable if you depend on stakeholders for funding.