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How to evaluate compliance measures

Setting and optimizing compliance measures is a three-part process that starts with understanding your legal obligations and needs to be followed regularly. Evaluate compliance and workplace safety consistently so they become habit

Implementing work processes that are compliant with regulations is crucial to keeping your workers safe and avoiding penalties from supervisory agencies like OSHA. A safer workforce is a more effective and motivated workforce, and regulatory compliance improves your business reputation.

Setting and evaluating compliance measures starts by knowing the regulations you are required to follow. Also make sure that your employees are aware of these compliance measures by providing regular trainings. Education helps ensure employees are following your policies.

But measuring your compliance efforts goes beyond raising awareness. You also need to assess and possibly redesign your processes regularly. Setting, adhering to, and revising workplace safety measures takes place in 3 general steps. This video will show you:

  • How to identify compliance needs
  • How to measure process effectiveness
  • How to keep pace with changing regulations
How to measure and ensure regulatory compliance

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