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Risk Assessment Templates


Risk assessment is a vital part of workplace safety. With risk assessment templates, you can conduct systematic workplace reviews to determine what undesirable events and their consequences can endanger the work and employees. Risk assessment templates make this process easier and more efficient. Lumiform’s list of risk assessment templates can help you get a quick and concise overview of the risks your business is facing. Additionally, you can use the data collected in the field to create disaster mitigation and control plans. This will help ensure that your business is prepared for any potential disasters or emergencies. You will be able to isolate risks in a structured and straightforward manner and will be prepared to create the right disaster mitigation and control plans.

Lumiform's free hazard identification and risk assessment templates make it easy for you to assess each risk in the workplace. Depending on the severity of a hazard or activity, you can assign safety measures with just a few clicks. One of our many features is providing you with a relevant risk assessment example for your specific use case. Browse our list of risk assessment templates below or learn more about how to create your own.

An allergen control checklist is used by local authority enforcement officers during the inspection of catering premises.
Use this template to assess all the risks to people and the environment associated with the removal of asbestos before starting work and to take protective measures.
Use this ISO 14001 self-assessment checklist to check meaningful environmental aspects.
Check and inspect your work equipment regularly with our assessment template.
This basic environmental risk assessment template is fully customizable to suit your business needs.
A behavior-based safety observation checklist is used by safety managers to identify safe and at-risk behavior for frontline workers. Download Lumiform’s free templates today.
This classroom risk assessment template is used to ensure classrooms meet minimum health and safety requirements.
Use this template for a comprehensive noise risk assessment by regularly reviewing the survey parameters, noise collection and exposure, and control measures.
This checklist can be used to assess the hazards in limited spaces and to initiate protective measures.
This template is used to evaluate the ergonomics of the work space and to perform an inspection of the areas where display screens are used.
Use this drywall quality control checklist to review the quality of drywall installation.

FAQ: The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Risk Assessment Templates

What Are the Advantages of Using a Digital Risk Assessment Template?

Using the Lumiform tool, you can immediately share your templates with all relevant employees and stakeholders. They can access it at any time and from any location via their smartphone and tablet and immediately perform an onsite assessment. At the same time, a digital template gives you the additional advantage of incorporating changes to your risk assessment form so that all employees always have the latest version at their fingertips. By capturing data online with Lumiform, you eliminate cluttered paperwork and streamline the workflow from data collection and analysis reporting to saving time that can be better spent on other workplace safety issues.

For Which Industries Can I Use a Risk Analysis Form Template?

In Lumiform’s template library, you will find suitable risk assessment templates for the office, templates for safety on construction sites, templates for manufacturing, the laboratory, and other areas that you can apply immediately to your workplace. There are specific use cases, such as workplace ergonomics, risk assessment for working alone, information systems, or patient fall risk, to list just a few examples. Suppose you don’t find the correct one among our templates. In that case, Lumiform’s innovative online form builder allows you to create a custom template for your purposes in just a few steps. You don’t need any design or programming skills. Learn more on how to create a risk assessment checklist.

What Information Should I Include in a Risk Analysis Form Template?

When trying to determine what type of information you should include in your risk assessment, it can be helpful to look at a few examples. Our general risk assessment template and dynamic risk assessment template can give you a solid idea of the basics. Each use case comes with its own set of requirements, but here’s a list of the main criterion you’ll need to include in every risk analysis form:

  • General description of the tasks and locations being audited
  • A list of hazards, risks, and controls
  • A risk matrix reference
  • A hiacrhy of controls reference
  • Recommendations

There are two ways you can approach writing a risk assessment: 1) Create a long, detailed document containing all locations, risks, and hazards, or 2) Break down the risks and hazards based on their location into separate checklist templates. We recommend the second option because it accounts for the limited attention span of employees and breaks tasks down into more manageable pieces. With Lumiform, you can create and use as many checklist templates as is necessary to fulfill your documentation obligations, so you can choose whichever option best suits your business model.