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IT Due Diligence Checklist

Tech due diligence checklist template provides an extensive assessment of all factors regarding your products and services, software architecture, IP, human resources, internal operations, policies, and IT assets. The goal is to understand the challenges and realities of a company that may help investors figure out the level of technical execution risk. With the extensive and detailed template, you can clarify organizational factors as well as all essential questions software itself. After completing the audit, you will receive an automatically generated report and you will be able to see sources of errors and problems at a glance.

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Technical Due Diligence
Technical Due Diligence
IT Organization chart & Client structure (quantity, type, location)
Incorporation Documents of the Company
Employee List – name, responsibility, salary, start date
Help Desk approach & Change Management processes
Financial Statements
Have consolidated financial statements of the company been audited?
Have past budgets been reviewed with actual experience to verify accuracy of projections?
Have CPU's & locations been checked?
Have you checked the database for functionality?
Are the networks (LAN/WAN) in working condition?
Has the telecommunications/connectivity been tested?
Do certain parts of the hardware need to be replaced or repaired?
Systems Software
Are the operating systems working properly?
Check the software for the development of application systems
Check the database management systems
Is the system software secure?
Architecture and Code
Architecture Review
Legacy Components
Third-party/open source components
Code Quality
Have you checked the application systems (quantifying all systems in use)?
Standard across the network?
Approach to the management of releases
Standard across the network?
Test report writing skills
Treten Probleme bei der App auf?
Give an assessment of the application
Check all ongoing major projects, such as reengineering, new systems, SW development
Improvements in the medium speed range
Software support backlog
Has the need for new business development been assessed?
Have you noticed any productivity improvements?
Budget and Trends
Software maintenance
Hardware maintenance
Equipment leases & rental
Data Communications
Voice communications
Outside contractors
Rent related to IT equipment and staff
Material technology-related expenses due to the company’s industry
Capital Budget
Immediate needs (next 6 months)
Anticipated need for normal growth (next 12-18 months)
Server application software licenses
PC software licenses
Software support & maintenance
Hardware leases
Hardware maintenance
Software and/or hardware purchase agreements (ownership)
Contract programmers or other consulting agreements
Computer Operations
Service level – response time, system availability, report distribution, etc.
Network management – circuit uptime, new installations, changes planned
Batch processes
Public Documents
Have the public documents been submitted?
Press Releases about the company/product
Social media pages
Uploaded videos regarding the company/product
Storage of sessions
Separation of services across servers
Bounds and constraints of services
Segmentation of users into pods
Final comments
Name, first name
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Protect your business with a IT due diligence checklist

There are multiple facets that need to be considered within a business from a technical standpoint. The role of the assessor is to open up the questioning to explore avenues of weakness and strength. In the IT industry, a technical due diligence template can be used to verify the code quality or the security of the product. These are all factors that should not be overlooked in any investment decision. With a tech due diligence checklist, all requirements for an investment can be checked.

It due diligence checklist templates are in respective coordination with the assessor’s obligation to do a thorough evaluation and report any deficiencies. Tech due diligence provides investors with detailed information about the It system prior to any commitment. IT due diligence checklist helps investors identify both the opportunities and limitations of an investment.

The digital templates from Lumiform provide a flexible way to examine technical skills through a variety of features.

Users of Lumiform can enjoy features such as

  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited queries, schedules, forms
  • Analytics
  • Text and photo comments
  • QR codes
  • Custom reports
  • Advanced user management
  • Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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