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ICT templates

Manage everything from computer maintenance and cybersecurity to GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance efficiently with Lumiform's ICT templates.
With this IT impact analysis template, multiple risks can be assessed for specific IT functions.
Use Lumiform's free Business Impact Analysis Template to record possible adverse effects from an emergency so you can prepare accordingly.
Use this call center quality assurance checklist to assist judge calls and note if representatives followed approved call protocols.
Use this to identify dependencies with other departments and existing recovery plans.
This computer maintenance checklist template is used by IT professionals and managers to assure a constant and optimal operational state.
This computer preventive maintenance checklist template provides practical instructions for performing weekly maintenance of IT assets.
Use this ISO 27001 audit checklist to check whether your company is ready for ISO 27001 certification.
Use this ergonomic evaluation checklist to evaluate the workstation setup and employee's posture.
Check if your company meets the requirements with this GDPR compliance checklist template.
Use this checklist for GDPR training of store managers. Get digital confirmation of the GDPR knowledge.
Use our digitized checklist for your company's business continuity plan and identify areas that need to be updated.
This business continuity plan template for information technology is used to identify business functions that are at risk.

Lumiform’s ICT templates

ICT templates are designed to help businesses maintain robust security, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline their information and communication technology operations. Lumiform’s templates provide structured, easy-to-use formats for a variety of tasks, including computer maintenance, cybersecurity assessments, and compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001 standards. By utilizing these templates, your team can ensure that all ICT processes are thoroughly documented and monitored, which is crucial for protecting sensitive information and maintaining system integrity. These tools help in identifying potential vulnerabilities, managing data protection, and ensuring all technology-related operations meet the required standards.  
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