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IT Risk Assessment Template

This IT risk assessment template is used by information security officers to perform information security risk assessments and vulnerability assessments. Use this template as a guide to perform the following:

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IT Risk Assessment Template



What's the purpose of this assessment?
Specify the range of the IT risk assessment.
Explain key technology components including commercial software:
Explain how users enter the system and their planned usage of the system:
List all participants including position (e.g. system owner, system custodian, network manager etc.):

Risk Assessment

Click Add Threat Source & Vulnerability (+) after you have identified a vulnerability or threat source

Risk rating

Overall risk rating:

Recommended Controls

Recommended inspections or alternative options for decreasing risk:


Any further recommendations:
Full name and signature:
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Safeguarding Digital Assets: The Essential IT Risk Assessment Template

In today's technology-driven world, protecting digital assets is of paramount importance for businesses. The IT Risk Assessment Template emerges as a crucial tool to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks associated with information technology infrastructure and systems.

Comprehensive and versatile, the IT Risk Assessment Template covers various crucial areas, including data security, network vulnerabilities, hardware and software risks, and compliance considerations. By utilizing this template, organizations can systematically analyze potential threats, assess their likelihood and impact, and prioritize risk mitigation strategies.

The IT Risk Assessment Template empowers businesses to proactively identify weaknesses in their IT systems, establish effective controls, and implement proactive measures to minimize vulnerabilities and potential breaches. It supports compliance with industry regulations, enhances the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data, and strengthens overall IT governance.

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