We enable businesses to exceed their promises in terms of quality, and make workplaces safe.

We are changing the direction of quality and safety procedures

Most businesses conduct quality and safety checks analogously, communicate via email or hand over documents personally or via SharePoint. Information is scattered, responsibilities are unclear and the status is non-transparent. They try to overcome the chaos with even more checklists and regular audits, spending even more time with analogue forms, sinking ever further into chaos and finally losing the overview entirely.

Think about your everyday life, how you use apps, how you communicate, how you collaborate with your teammates digitally and how lean processes simplify your everyday working life. That is how quality and safety management should be!

Quality and safety management should be practical and smooth

At Lumiform, we develop solutions in which all quality and safety checks – from small daily checks to extensive audits – can be organised and efficiently conducted, digitally. Every individual knows when and how to carry out inspections, and what to do if issues arise. Through collaboration, you solve problems even faster than before!

The quality level of your products, services or machines will increase enormously –in turn, and customer satisfaction will increase. In the case of food, this can even lead to fewer diseases. Another factor is that many people are seriously injured or even die in accidents at the workplace. With Lumiform, deviations from the safety standard at the workplace are quickly revealed and resolved. All in all, we enable businesses to exceed their promises in terms of quality, and make the workplace safe.

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Get to know our management team

Lukas Blasberg, CEO

Lukas recognised the tragedy that occurs due to manual processes in quality and safety management: poor quality in terms of products and services, serious accidents at work and a very high workload.

Since Lukas and Philip are an experienced founding team (they have already founded a successful business together), they decided to sit down together to work out a solution.

Philip Blasberg, CEO

Philip has always questioned the manual processes that he was regularly confronted with – even in well-established companies – while working at the digital consultancy where he was previously employed.

So, after he and Lukas had put their heads together, he came up with the idea of Lumiform, in order to enable digital processes in quality and safety management, thereby reducing the number of accidents in the workplace and eliminating quality defects.

Marton Farago, CTO

Marton heard about the tools that were being used for quality and safety checks, and could not believe his ears. He thought about how they could solve the lack of transparency and the inefficient conduction process technically.

All forms needed to be digitised, inspections had to be organised, smooth conduction via a mobile app was required, issues needed to be tracked and resolved quickly, in a team, and data had to be used to help businesses to improve procedures continually. Lumiform was born!

Common values unite us


We are pro rather than contra: our glass is half full, not half empty.


We love to show initiative and realise that we are responsible for the successful completion of the tasks we tackle.


We always consider the customer’s point of view.


We are intrinsically motivated and believe in our mission.


We think creatively, outside the box, try out different solutions and learn from mistakes.


We are solution-driven and prefer to implement rather than talking. We love the 80/20 principle.

We focus on quality and safety

We are developing an app that improves product/service quality and occupational safety in companies.

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We are proud of how Lumiform supports our customers in their daily work.

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