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Expert-proofed, free inspection checklist templates

Lumiform offers one of the largest selections of free inspection and audit checklists available online
Use this 100-hour inspection template required under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) to keep on track the safety and airworthiness of an aircraft. Provide details and document everything with photos.
This template is an excellent guide for observing how managers coach their direct employees.
This 360-degree performance review survey provides clear, constructive employee feedback that tells you how your team is doing.
Use this checklist template to check if employees know the 5 Momenet of hand hygiene.
Use this template to identify the three-part cause of a problem in sales or marketing.
A 5 whys form template is used by business teams to drill down to the root cause of a problem using the 5 Whys technique.
Use this 5 Whys template to determine the root cause of a problem so that your business teams can prevent encountering them again.
Use this template to improve cleanliness, safety, quality, and efficiency in all factory areas by applying the 5S method.
Use this 5S audit checklist to assure that 5S principles and set standards are being observed.
Support the improvement of cleanliness, order, safety, quality and efficiency at work with this template for the 5S method.
Use this 5S lean management audit checklist to keep your workplace running efficiently, in a clean and safe manner.