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Hotel Audit Checklist Template

The Hotel Audit Checklist Template helps hotel managers to monitor and assess their property's performance. It allows them to check for compliance with safety and sanitation standards as well as evaluate their customer service. This template is a great tool for hotel owners looking to ensure their hotel is running efficiently.

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Hotel Audit Checklist Template



Security on duty - all areas manned properly
Car Park - basement
Driveway lighting - all fixtures working ?
Driveway clean
Receiving Bay- clean
Gas bank locked?
Garbage Room- Floor clean and wastage properly disposed.
Temperature of the garbage storage room
Hotel signage working properly and clean.

Public area / Lobby / washrooms

Lobby sliding door, x-ray machine working fine?
Ceiling/Vents- clean
Floor- clean
All Light Bulbs functional
Lobby air conditioning - ambient temperature ?
Planters and flowers look fresh?
Newspapers available?
Promotional materials stacked properly
Partitions (Urinals, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet) flush working fine?
Hand drying machine in washroom Lobby working fine?
Shoe shine machine in the lobby working?
Vanity Sinks, Mirrors clean
Walls, Windows, Doors clean
Reception counter- area clean and arranged?
Lobby music is on optimal volume?
Time office- all CCTV camera working fine?


Guest and service elevators- clean and operational?
Bulbs and tubes working fine?

Back office

Back Offices clean and lights switched off where required?
Area clean and tidy?
Finance office and F&B stores locked if not manned?


All equipments working fine?
List of staff on duty and In-charge

Staircase and fire escape

Staircase and landing clean and without any obstacles?
Fire escape doors unlocked?
Lighting fixtures working fine?

Spice it and Hub

Inspection time
Clean and lighting fixtures working fine?
Music played at optimum volume?
Air conditioning - temperature fine?

Meeting room

Entrance, carpet and hall clean
Lights and AC switched off if not in use.
Any schedules functions?
If meeting scheduled - set up done?

Fitness center

Locked and lights switched off if not in use?
All equipments working fine?
Clean and tidy?

Cafeteria - My Zone

Clean and arranged ?
Light and AC switched off?
Checked food - during meal period
All equipments functional?

Kitchen and Stewarding

Kitchen area clean?
Lighting fixtures in place and working fine?
Main Stewarding Area- clean
All equipments working fine?
All items in walking stored properly with clean film wrapped and date tag?
Spot check done for expiry dates for dry items in kitchen?
Temperature of the deep walk in freezer
Temperature of the walk in freezer.

Locker Rooms

Floor clean
All Light Bulbs functional
Partitions (Urinals, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet)
Vanity Sinks, Mirrors
Walls, Windows, Doors
Floor clean
All Light Bulbs functional
Partitions (Urinals, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet)
Vanity Sinks, Mirrors
Walls, Windows, Doors

Guest Floors

6th Floor - Landing and corridor clean
5th Floor - Landing and corridor clean
4th Floor - Landing and corridor clean
3rd Floor - Landing and corridor clean
2nd Floor - Landing and corridor clean
1st Floor - Landing and corridor clean
Fire exit signage working fine on all floors?
Fire exit passage clean and without obstacle?

HOUSEKEEPING- laundry / Linen room

Inspection time
Laundry room operational
Uniform room lights switched off?
Special cleaning scheduled if any
Ironing area on all floor clean / iron in working condition

Night shift staff on Duty

Front office
KST / Kitchen
Food & Beverage

Room checks and observations

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3

Guest's Feedback


Comments & Observations


House Status for Vacant Rooms (Occupancy projection)

Figures as on
Occupancy - End of day Projection
Arrivals remaining
Departures remaining
Vacant Inspected room
Vacant Clean room
Vacant Dirty room

Sign Off

Date and time
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Ensure your hotels compliance with a hotel audit checklist template

A Hotel Audit Checklist Template is a great tool for hotel management teams to ensure their hotel meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. By utilizing this template, hotel staff can easily audit their facility and identify any areas that require improvement. The template enables hotel staff to quickly and easily track their progress, allowing them to make necessary changes in a timely manner. Additionally, the template provides a helpful guide which ensures all areas of the hotel are checked and that all standards are met. This helps to ensure that the hotel is providing guests with the best possible experience.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to develop or use a hotel audit checklist template.

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy: A well-developed audit checklist will help ensure that your reviews are highly accurate and efficient.
  • Streamlined processes and improved communication: Using a standard format will make it easier for everyone involved in the process - from management to front desk employees - to understand what is required during each review session. This will reduce the amount of confusion and wasted time, leading to smoother operations overall.
  • Reduced risk and enhancements in operations: By following an established protocol, you can minimize the risk associated with guest complaints or incidents, which can lead to long-term enhancements in your facility's atmosphere and reputation.
  • Greater accountability for your actions: Having standardized procedures in place makes it easier for you (and others)to hold yourself accountable for any mistakes or violations that may occur during your visits.
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