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Hospitality templates

Elevate your hospitality services with Lumiform’s comprehensive templates. Manage inspections, inventory, and safety checks to ensure top-tier service and compliance.
An allergen control checklist is used by local authority enforcement officers during the inspection of catering premises.
Monitor with this bar checklist template bar operations and ensure, that proper procedures are being followed.
A bar closing checklist can be used by staff and duty managers as a guide to following the correct procedures after closing a bar.
A bar inventory template can be used by bar managers and staff to check if liquor, mixers, and garnish stocks are sufficient.
A bar maintenance checklist can be used by bar managers and staff as a guide when performing equipment and bar maintenance.
A bar opening checklist can be used by staff and duty managers as a guide to following the correct procedures before opening a bar.
A barista training assessment checklist is a tool used by training supervisors to evaluate barista trainees while completing their tasks.
Use this Bathroom Cleaning SOP Checklist to properly clean the bathroom and assure SOP compliance.
Use this template to conduct bed bug inspections and to document any evidence of a bed bug infestation. The report can be used to plan containment measures.
Use the vehicle rental agreement template to record all information relevant to the car owner and the person renting the vehicle.
Use this hotel duty manager checklist to check the tasks of housekeeping and evaluate compliance with the SOPs.

Lumiform’s hospitality industry

With hospitality templates, your can enhance service quality, ensure safety, and streamline operations across various aspects of the hospitality industry. Lumiform’s templates are designed to help you achieve these objectives by providing structured, user-friendly formats for essential tasks. Whether you need to conduct accommodation inspections, manage bar inventories, perform daily restaurant checks, or ensure kitchen safety, our templates offer the detailed support you need. These tools enable meticulous documentation and monitoring, which are critical for maintaining high standards and compliance in hospitality services. By utilizing Lumiform’s hospitality templates, you can efficiently handle hotel check-ins, monitor food safety with temperature logs, and conduct restaurant walk-throughs, ensuring every aspect of your operation is well-managed. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also significantly enhances the guest experience.  
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