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Pest Control Inspection Checklist

The pest control inspection checklist helps you identify potential infestations from pests and termites and prioritize the repairs that need to be carried out. Following this checklist, you will ensure that the pest and termite damage is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Inspect the exterior of the building, check for signs of infestation, and assess the health of your roof and walls with Lumiform’s free pest control inspection.

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Pest Control Inspection Checklist



Is there evidence of damage and debris caused by insects
Are the doors or other openings to the outside tight fitting?
Are there gaps around windows and/ or doors?
Are there water sources near the building?
Is there waste disposal near the building?
Is there vegetation or mulch placed against or near the building?
Is there nonessential lighting near the building?
Is there evidence of damage and debris caused by insects within the building?
Are there cracks or holes in or around the walls, doors or windows?
Is there food waste in undesignated areas?
Do all food containers have lids?
Are there moisture leaks or condensation around plumbing, windows, or climate control equipment?
Are garbage containers clean and properly covered?

Signs of Infestation (Rodents)

Rodent droppings on the floor and other surfaces especially where food is stored.
Greasy rub marks on vertical surfaces.
Squeaking, gnawing or movement sounds in walls, cupboards, ceilings.
Nests made from rags, paper, cardboard, straw and other materials.
Gnawing damage to materials including wood, soft metals, soap, cables, conduits and food containers.

Signs of Infestation (Cockroach)

Small spindle shaped droppings.
Dead cockroach bodies.


Additional comments/reccomendations .
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Protect your property with a pest control inspection checklist

Different parts of a property are examined during pest and termite inspections, including the basement, interiors, gardens, etc. In order to prevent additional inspections and infestation, it's crucial to pay attention to every detail. A pest control inspection checklist is a thorough report to determine the best solution for your property.

In the real estate industry, there are queries related to termite damage. Since such episodes can lead to catastrophic losses, it is better to take proactive steps and have a customary pest and termite inspection done. To ensure that your property doesn’t fall prey to termites, you should use this pest control inspection checklist when procuring a regular maintenance service for your home.

By following Lumiform’s free pest control inspection, you'll be able to identify any pests or termites and take the necessary steps to prevent them from affecting your properties. For even more features, download our App:

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