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Home Inspection Checklist

A digital checklist makes it easier to inspect. Learn how to create a home inspection report faster.

Why is a home inspection checklist important?

A home inspection checklist helps property managers in assessing the physical condition of a property. It is used to identify actual or potential structural problems as well as damages. Inspections help homeowners identify areas that need repair. To perform an inspection conscientiously, an home inspection checklist is a helpful resource.

This article deals with:

1. How to create a home inspection report

2. Aspects of a home inspection checklist

3. Digital support for a home inspection checklist

How you create a home inspection report

In the following, we describe how you create a home inspection report with the help of a checklist. You carry out a comprehensive and detailed condition analysis and photograph weak points and conspicuous features in the flat. Try to be as accurate as possible in these descriptions.

The best time to draw up the home inspection report is after the renovation work has been completed and when all the furniture has been moved out of the flat. Both tenant and landlord must be present when the flat handover protocol is drawn up. The following points are important for a smooth home inspection:

  1. Sample for the home inspection report
  2. Check address and names

Apsects of a Home Inspection Checklist

A home inspection is usually a visual examination of the property. First, personal data and general data about the flat or property are noted down. Then, the 5 important aspects of a home are examined in detail:

1. Structure

Roof, ceilings, walls, windows, door frames, foundation, etc.

2. Rooms

Kitchen, bathroom, interior rooms, etc.

3. Plots

Driveways, yard, landscaping, drainage, common areas, etc.

4. Utilities

Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.

5. Checking meter readings

Taking meter readings of electricity, gas, cold and hot water

6. Bowl handover

In the case of a new tenancy, all keys are handed over at the end of the home inspection. These are keys for: Front door, flat door, room doors, cellar, floor, letterbox.

Digital support for an Home Inspection Checklist

Property managers or real estate agents often rely on paper home inspection forms and tedious data re-entry and photo uploads to prepare their home inspection reports. Using a digital home inspection checklist helps them complete their inspections on their mobile device and produce instant home inspection reports.

With Lumiform, you can fill out a home inspection checklist of your design on your mobile device during an inspection. Capture unlimited photos of the property, add annotations and notes, and send home inspection reports to clients in real time. Benefit from the advantages of a digital home inspection checklist:

  • Get an overview of everything that happens during a home inspection.
  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Through more efficient communication within the team, with third-party providers and with management, as well as faster reporting, you can solve problems up to 4x faster than before.
  • In addition, we offer ready-made templates to help companies get started digitally in no time.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct home inspections with ease and in no time.
  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital home inspection report.

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