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How to perform safety inspections

Regular safety inspections are critical to make sure you're fulfilling all your health and safety obligations and that your workers are protected while doing their jobs. Learn how to design, perform, and benefit from these inspections

A defined safety inspection process is crucial for any business concerned about workplace safety  – which should be any business. Keeping your employees safe and maintaining a hazard-free workplace is one of the key responsibilities of any manager, and often involves compliance with regulations set by organizations like OSHA. Neglecting your safety protocols can lead to fines and other penalties, in addition to injured workers.

Comply with regulations and ensure the health of your workers by establishing a safety inspection procedure. Regularly and thoroughly performing safety inspections is the only means of reliable risk management in businesses like construction or manufacturing.

To give health and safety the attention they deserve, develop an inspection strategy and then prepare safety inspection checklists so you can be sure you don’t overlook any risk factors. Improve the overall safety of your organization by learning:

  • Why safety is vital
  • How to design an inspection strategy
  • How to write safety checklists
  • How to analyze and apply safety inspection findings

Step-by-step guide towards a comprehensive safety inspection process
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