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Daily Safety Inspection Checklist

Generate maximum safety in your company by going through your security checklist with a digital application.

What is a daily safety inspection checklist

A safety checklist is often used in the form of a questionnaire. The questionnaire is used to identify hazards, minimise risks and implement control measures before the start of the working day. The safety in the company is paramount and a workplace safety checklist is therefore essential. The safety officer of every company uses safety checklists to conduct daily inspections while assessing employee safety behaviour.

This article deals with:

1. Safety checklist: 4 steps

2. Safety checklist: 6 important aspects

3. A digital application for a safety checklist

Safety checklist: 4 steps

Since workplace safety is part of every industry and every business, there is no safety checklist that will flawlessly fit every safety check of your business. The following section now presents the main components of a safety checklist. Depending on priorities and importance, the items can be adapted and modified.

The employer is obliged to ensure sufficient safety and health protection for its employees. The measures must be in accordance with the respective legal provisions.

  1. Identify the hazards in the activity
  2. Assess the risks at work
  3. Implement appropriate control measures
  4. Monitor the control measures to minimise risks

Safety checklist: 6 important aspects

    1. Previous inspection

    Be sure to check if there are any open inspections, if applicable. Are there any external problems or weaknesses that absolutely must be fixed to eliminate hazards?

    2. Fire prevention

    In any industry, fire safety is essential. Is the evaluation procedure up to date and have the fire extinguishers in place been regularly inspected?

    3. General lighting

    A safety checklist includes the lighting situation on the floor. It is essential that all existing light sources are regularly checked and maintained to avoid potential accidents and hazards

    4. Safety in the building

    The basis for safety in the company is the general safety in the building. For example, all floors and entrances must be clear and easily accessible to avoid accidents.

    5. Electrical safety

    The electrical infrastructure is essential for a comprehensive safety checklist. Check the electrical infrastructure structure at regular intervals.

    6. Work equipment

    Make sure that all equipment is in good working order. Define standardised criteria according to which you can check all equipment for proper functioning. Make sure that all equipment is in good working order.

    A digital application for a safety checklist

    From construction and manufacturing to hospitality and offices, every industry should take advantage of mobile safety checklists. With a digital checklist, you can be guided step by step through your inspection. You’ll never forget a checkpoint again, and you’ll make sure that all the data collected is stored for security in your company.

    In addition, you comply with the legal requirements and the documentation of processes by documenting with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet and being guided by the system through all documentation processes. A clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid high fines. The easiest way to do this is with a digital solution like Lumiform.

    Profit from the advantages of digital safety checklists:

    • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.
    • Generate real-time data about your processes. This makes quality and safety measurable for the first time and you can use the data to continuously improve processes.
    • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.

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