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5 steps of fire safety

Help protect your workers and your business from damages with a fire protection plan based on these 5 steps of fire safety

Fire protection and prevention are incredibly important and even mandatory for any business. And for good reason, as fires are one of the deadliest forms of incident that can happen in a workplace, resulting in significant injury as well as property damage. The cost your business pays for being unprepared in the event of a fire or careless with fire hazards could be enormous.

There are five clear steps to follow so that you can introduce relevant, comprehensive measures in your business that improve fire protection and help keep workers safe.

Fire safety infographic

For this reason, and to make sure you are complying with applicable laws in your area, a fire safety risk assessment and fire safety plan are must-haves for your business. These two documents ensure that you and your employees are aware of everything that may be a fire hazard (meaning you’ve followed the five steps) and that you have a plan of action in case of a fire.

Understanding how to spot and correct fire hazards is a critical step towards fire prevention and goes a long way towards making your workers feel safe.

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