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Extremely powerful. Surprisingly simple.

How Lumiform works

Make sure you’re mastering the whole process – from flexible form building to fast problem solving to in depth analysis.

Create forms

Start within minutes with forms that are tailored to your needs

Use ready-made, expert-proofed checklists from the template library, which you can further customise according to your needs. Or, start from scratch and convert manual hard copies or excel lists into digital checklists. Discover how to create custom forms

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Conduct via app

Conduct quickly and reliably, whenever and wherever

Conduct inspections and audits, whether on a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline. The highly intuitive and easy-to-use app guides you through all checks. Discover how to conduct via the intuitive app

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Resolve issues

Uncover more issues and resolve them faster

Make sure all field workers can quickly report quality and safety issues. Keep track of the troubleshooting progress and resolve problems together, with your teammates. Discover how to solve issues quickly

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Results, reports, & analyses

Custom reports and detailed analyses

Audit reports are automatically created, so you don’t waste time on post-processing. Uncover areas of your organisation that need your attention, and continuously improve quality and security through in-depth analyses. Discover custom reports and analyses

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The Lumiform flow

Digitise all quality and safety efforts, and cut down inspection time, with the Lumiform app. And, even more importantly, continuously optimise your quality and safety operations easily, with the Lumiform flow.

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- Valentin Döhring, CEO

“With Lumiform, we conduct quality and safety checks quickly, easyly, and reliably while improving quality and safety ongoing.”

- Valentin Döhring, CEO

- Valentin Döhring, CEO

Manage quality and safety like industry leaders