Lumiform Mobile audits & inspections
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Extremely powerful. Surprisingly simple.

Take the path to zero-harm culture with the Lumiform app

Digitize all quality and safety efforts and cut down on inspection time with the Lumiform app. And even more importantly, continuously optimize your quality and safety operations easily with the Lumiform flow.

A flow chart of inspectors and employees doing the Lumiform flow: create, conduct, correct, analyze, optimize. A flow chart of inspectors and employees doing the Lumiform flow: create, conduct, correct, analyze, optimize.

Create powerful checklists and organize workflows in an instant

Flexible building kit
Create individual checklists easily in a few minutes.
Over 12,000 templates
Choose from over 12,000+ expert-proofed templates and customize them according to your needs.
If-then logics
Use logics to guide your team through each inspection in a standardized way.
Schedule and assign inspections so that they get conducted reliably in time.
A woman creates a checklist on the computer.

Easily perform inspections via the app - no matter when and where

A man checks fire alarms in a building using a Lumiform checklist.
Online & Offline Mode
Perform inspections via smartphone or tablet, online or offline.
Push notifications, emails, or SMS remind your team of inspections that need to be done.
Add text comments or photos during an inspection.
Easy to use
Anyone can use the app — specialists or generalists.

Raise issues and turn them into actions instantly

Manual or automated issue reporting
Manually report issues via the app, or let issues be triggered automatically if certain answers are being given.
Assignment & Tracking
Easily assign corrective actions to teammates and track the troubleshooting status in real-time.
External partners
Involve external partners in issue resolution at no extra cost.
Chat & Logs
Chat with teammates to solve issues together. All changes are recorded automatically.
A woman takes over a task from the to-do list in the Lumiform app.

Get detailed reports and comprehensive analysis

A woman analyzes the results of an audit on the desktop.
Automatically generated reports
Customizable and automatically generated inspection reports save you all the follow-up work.
Send reports
Share your generated reports automatically or manually with all stakeholders. Export reports as PDF, CSV, Excel or Word files.
Securely stored
All data is continuously synchronized between the mobile and desktop app.
Extensive analysis
All data can be analyzed at any time, and the results can be shared with your team with just a few clicks.
Adapt Lumiform perfectly to your organization

Adapt Lumiform perfectly to your organization

Granular user roles
Decide in detail which permissions each user should have.
Sites & Groups
Manage inspections more efficiently through sites & groups.
Integrate with your systems
Connect Lumiform via API to your existing systems.
Multiple languages
The mobile and desktop application is available in multiple languages.
A man wearing a security vest uses Lumiform to perform a safety check on a tablet.
Adapt Lumiform perfectly to your organization

Data security and compliance are our highest priority

GDPR data protection
Lumiform complies with all GDPR regulations. Customer data and inspection-related information are protected with advanced encryption algorithms.
SSL Certificate
Lumiform is SSL certified and operates exclusively over SSL encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.
Safe and reliable
Lumiform servers are located in Germany. Your data is stored securely in data centers according to the highest European and German data protection guidelines.
A tablet displays a Lumiform checklist and four large, pink hearts float out the side. - Valentin Döhring, CEO

“With Lumiform, we conduct safety and quality checks quickly, easily, and reliably while continuously improving quality and safety.”

- Valentin Döhring, CEO

- Valentin Döhring, CEO