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How to measure operational excellence

Knowing how operational excellence can be measured is essential to your business. Learn how to translate the principles of operational excellence into actionable KPIs you can assess and adjust

For such an important business concept, operational excellence can seem vague. But when the idea originated, creator Shigeo Shingo outlined 10 principles that make up operational excellence. These principles cover everything from management styles to innovation to quality assurance.

The way the principles of operational excellence are applied will differ from business to business, since every company deals with its own set of challenges. But measuring their impact is a matter of setting key performance indicators (KPIs) which reflect the components of operational excellence.

Track the progress of these KPIs and their relation to your process optimization efforts with regular checklists that measure the things you’re trying to improve. In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Which KPIs reflect operational excellence
  • How those KPIs relate to the principles of operational excellence
  • How to measure your KPIs
Measuring operational excellence
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