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Organize your kitchen with a restaurant cleaning checklist

Use this restaurant cleaning checklist to get the cleaning done more efficiently and reliably.

Using a restaurant cleaning checklist

The daily cleaning, disinfecting, and documenting the restaurant cleaning schedule is essential. Firstly, to fight against the spread of viruses and run the restaurant cleanly and hygienically. Compliance with the comprehensive cleaning plan for the restaurant as well as clean and written documentation is mandatory by law.

It can be challenging to remember the multitude of cleaning tasks and their cleaning routine. A restaurant cleaning checklist will make your daily work easier and help you with your daily cleaning tasks. Whether you are doing daily routine cleaning or adding new tasks to your cleaning schedule. With a checklist, these tasks can always be completed reliably.

This article addresses the following points:

1. The significance of a restaurant cleaning checklist

2. Create a restaurant cleaning checklist

3. Take full advantage of a mobile app for restaurant cleaning

The significance of a restaurant cleaning checklist

Consistent and thorough restaurant cleaning is important to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. A restaurant cleaning checklist will guide you through each cleaning schedule and show all the things and areas that need to be cleaned.

By using a restaurant cleaning checklist, you always have an overview of all the tasks that need to be done. The organization is easy, and tasks can be directly assigned to individual teams or employees. It is also possible to link the shift plan directly to the cleaning plan. This allows you to assign responsibilities in the cleaning schedule to specific shifts or people.

Restaurant cleanliness and adherence to food safety guidelines are closely linked. When equipment is kept clean, food tastes better, and the life of kitchen equipment is automatically extended. In addition, a clean and well-maintained dining area makes a good impression on guests. Restaurant visitors are likely to recommend your restaurant to friends or come back themselves. In addition, creating and implementing a HACCP plan in your restaurant can help ensure that your premises are hygienic and safe.

Create a cleaning plan for the restaurant

If you want to create a cleaning plan for your restaurant, it is important to note that all areas are considered. It needs to be obvious to everyone what tasks need to be done and where. This way, you can easily follow the schedule and make sure that the respective quality standards are taken care of when cleaning the restaurant. The following categories should be considered:

  1. What work reports need to be cleaned?
  2. What surfaces, equipment or items need to be considered for cleaning?
  3. Are there specific cleaning routines that should be followed?
  4. How often should the respective cleaning take place?
  5. What cleaning agents are needed and how should cleaning be done?
  6. When was the cleaning done?
  7. Who has taken over the cleaning and is responsible for it?

1. Use the restaurant cleaning checklist to carry out quality checks

Use a checklist to perform quality control checks after cleaning work to ensure that all tasks and all requirements have been met. Quality checks protect your business from liability claims found after the cleaning service is completed.

2. Conduct regular employee training

Your restaurant cleaning performance is only as good as the knowledge of your staff. Train your staff in their cleaning duties and help them complete their respective cleaning schedule checklists. You can also create a staff training checklist to see who has received initial training and when follow-up training is needed.

Often employees find the introduction of a restaurant cleaning schedule checklist an additional burden. Relieve them of this burden and make your cleaners aware of the issue. Show them how completing checklists will improve their work and the company’s service.

Take advantage of all the benefits of a mobile app for restaurant cleaning

Maintaining the restaurant cleaning schedule in full is an important but challenging task. Cleaning tasks for different areas occur several times a day. A well-developed plan and excellent documentation is the basis for high-quality cleaning.

Lumiform’s mobile app with its digital checklists for all areas in the restaurant aims to facilitate the cleaning process in the restaurant. The digital solution makes it possible to carry out any kind of quality and safety inspection simply via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. This saves time, money and also facilitates communication.

Benefit from other advantages of a digital solution for restaurant cleaning

  • With the help of the flexible form builder, any individual paper list is converted into a digital checklist within minutes.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, teammates can complete any check with ease and save time.
  • Reports are generated automatically – this saves complete follow-up.
  • Comprehensive analyses help to uncover inefficient areas in the cleaning schedule faster and thus to continuously improve cleaning processes.


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