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Meet standards with a restaurant checklist

Use restaurant checklists in all work areas to complete tasks more efficiently and reliably. Train your staff and maintain a consistent performance quality by checking off the boxes all the while improving customer service and satisfaction with the help of a digital tool.

Why Use a Checklist in Restaurants?

A restaurant checklist is an excellent training and operational tool for achieving consistent performance while serving customers. It also helps to identify problems that harm business quickly. Using checklists for the different areas of work in restaurants can help improve operations, training, cleanliness, food safety, and customer satisfaction.

In principle, every safety or quality inspection in restaurants can be performed with a checklist – from the training plan to pest control. The checklist format offers numerous advantages to restaurant owners and their employees, but above all, regular inspections assure customers that their visit will be a positive one.

This article deals with the following points:

1. The top advantages of a restaurant checklist

2. The advantages checklists offer restaurant owners

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What Are the Top Advantages of a Digital Checklist in a Restaurant?

In many restaurants or home cooking businesses, inspections and audits are carried out with checklists. However, these are still, for the most part, conducted with pen and paper. Although this is a system that has proven effective for many, paper documents are so much more tedious and time-consuming compared to digital and mobile applications. The following advantages speak for the reason behind the transition from paper to electronic – even in restaurants.

Save Time and Money

With a digital restaurant checklist, inspections can be carried out up to four times faster than ever before. Digital documents can be immediately adapted to newly designed processes. In contrast, a rigid paper restaurant checklist requires numerous steps for updating, communication, and training, time that can be better spent increasing the net income of your business. Among its other advantages is the eco-friendly alternative to wasting countless sheets of paper each year while conducting analog inspections. Digital forms also do not require physical space for filing and documentation. All data is accessible anytime, anywhere, via secure and protected cloud storage.

Automate Inspection Reports

After an audit or inspection, the results must be compiled into a report. A difficult task, which many inspectors like to postpone. A digital restaurant operation checklist makes this process more efficient by combining the tasks of inspection and reporting into one.

Modern technology offers the additional advantage that a report is automatically generated immediately after the completion of each inspection. It cuts out a lot of unnecessary steps. Users hardly have to lift a finger except to select the right settings. If the report needs to be revised, this can also be done more easily and immediately on the digital document. Instead of reprinting the document or crossing out text, you can merely press the backspace key, and it’s immediately synced across all devices.

Simplified Cooperation

Paper documents make teamwork more difficult because the information can only be exchanged directly. In contrast, a digital checklist in the catering industry is usually used via a central platform to which all team members have access. This procedure promotes prompt communication and the easier and faster allocation and tracking of orders.

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How Can Restaurants Benefit From a Checklist?

Gastronomy is exhausting and demanding. Lumiform’s mobile app and digital checklists are designed to streamline tasks in all areas of the restaurant, making life and work easier. The digital solution enables any kind of quality and safety inspection either by tablet or smartphone – online or offline. This saves time and money and also makes communication within the team more conducive.

The desktop software is used to create restaurant checklists in advance. You can later evaluate the data collected on-site at your leisure. This significantly reduces the risk of quality losses, accidents, documentation errors, and reputational damages. The very simple operation offers no margin for errors, making the inspector’s job easier and less demanding. The app offers an alternative solution to documenting or filling out restaurant checklists than tedious paper or Excel sheets.

Besides, food businesses profit in their daily business from the following additional advantages:

  • With the help of the flexible form builder, every individual paper list is converted into a digital restaurant checklist within minutes.
  • Keep an overview of what is happening on-site at all times
  • Via the super intuitive mobile application team members can perform any check with ease, saving them time to perform other job duties.
  • Reports are created automatically – this saves them from further manual follow-up.

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