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Restaurant Closing Template

Before closing the restaurant doors, it is important to quickly inspect all items and create a report of any issues you had for the day. Start by evaluating cutlery, glassware, and crockery which need to be washed and shifted to dish wash. Next, check counters, tables, chairs, and appliances. Record any breakage that occurred. Deposit items left by guests in the Lost & Found section. Determine any discrepancies in checks. Turn off lights and powered electrical equipment. Lock doors and windows.

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Restaurant Closing Template


Closing Inspection

All cutlery are washed, wiped & stacked properly along with crockery items.
All service staff have been debriefed and assigned closing duties.
All dirty glassware are washed , wiped & stacked.
Floor has been cleaned by housekeeping staff.
Garbage has been thrown and disposed properly.
All crockery, cutlery, and glassware have been shifted to dish wash.
Back area & the service area are clean & store is properly stacked.
Reported any breakage occurred.
All the tables & counters are clean.
Folders for comment cards are checked.
Air-conditioning has been switched off.
Any items left over by the guest have been deposited with the Lost & Found.
Restaurant has been reset for the following day.
All equipment stored appropriately.
Side station has been cleaned & stacked properly.
Soiled linen is stored as per standard and the tied into bundles.
Dish-wash has been cleared.
Store requisition to be made after physically checking the stock.
POS machine & music system are switched off.
No discrepancies in checks.
Void items / KOT to be Authorized are evaluated.
Check for the sale & menu Item summary report.
Log Books are accurately filled-in.
Lights have been switched off and the restaurant has been locked.


Full Name and Signature of Inspector
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